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Anita Cobby 30 years on - the human need for justice does not fade

When you think of brutal crimes, several infamous ones mark the Australian landscape: the Port Arthur massacre, Ivan Milat’s backpacker slayings, the Granny killer.

Tuesday, February 2nd, marks 30 years since one such event – the murder of Anita Cobby.

On the anniversary of her death, one of the original homicide detectives reflects on a case which changed the nation.

The Sydney siege - three things we learnt

Around the world there has been shock this week at the events which took place in Martin Place in the centre of Sydney. The siege, which ultimately led to the death of a gunman and two hostages, has left plenty of questions on the lips of Australians, who still think of their country as a relatively peaceful place, free of the nasty events seen so often around the world. But it also provided a few answers.

Female Bishops in the Church of England - gender distinctions finally gone

In what we will no doubt look back on as a watershed moment, the Church of England has begun a “completely new phase” of its history, in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Homosexuality and the Christian

Over the last decade the topic of 'homosexuality' has become a very sensitive issue for Christianity in general.

In part, that is a good thing, as the Church has often been guilty of failing to love its neighbour; instead, it has often harshly targeted a segment of the community for its sexual practices whilst turning a blind eye on other sexual practices - including its own.

However, there is also a disturbing trend that is gaining momentum in the Church and it's also to do with a failure to love that same segment of the community. This failure has been in its refusal to speak the truth in love when it comes to the need for repentance of sexual sin. Entry into the Kingdom is always on God's terms - not ours.

The following extensive article by Terry Allen deals with how the church is currently addressing 'homosexuality' and how it should deal with 'homosexuality'. I commend it to you [Ed.]


Hugo be thy name

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That old French saying is never more true than when sin manifests.

It has been over a year since Venezuelan Hugo Chavez passed away, but the former president was, politically, brought back to life this week in an all too familiar scene.


Book review - "God the Peacemaker" by Graham A. Cole

Graham Cole's book on the restoration of creation to a right relationship with God is one worth having on your shelf.

It is yet another fine product in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, edited by DA Carson.


Controversial Pastor arrested before he can burn thousands of Qur'ans

Notorious American pastor, Terry Jones, has been arrested for apparently attempting to mark September 11 once more with a Qur'an burning celebration.

Christians are divided.




Same sex marriage - the muddled thinking of Kevin Rudd

(EDITOR: We published this article in May this year.)

The man whose hero once attempted to overthrow the state, now appeals to ‘separation of church and state’ to have same sex marriage introduced.

I could be wrong, but I suspect most Christians never thought Kevin Rudd would beat Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to the ‘same sex marriage’ table. We comforted ourselves that Kevin, the self-proclaimed “Christian” politician (and former PM), backed our world view in parliament while the current PM lived in a de facto relationship and probably opposed the moral code of the Bible full stop.

Think again. Mr Rudd this week came out in support of same sex marriage, “as a result of a lot of reflection”. His reasoning was as inconsistent as it was disappointing.

Is this the site of King David's palace?

We all enjoy a good archaeological 'dig', although each one should be treated with interest rather than the expectation of proof.

However, it is with special interest that we read this week archaeologists in Israel are confident they have uncovered the remains of a site once occupied by King David.


Jonah – Parable, Allegory or History?

What are we to make of the book of Jonah? A rebellious prophet, the wholesale conversion of a pagan city, worms doing the Lord’s work and then, of course, the fish miracle! As Christians we are supposed to believe it somehow, but exactly how?

Is it a parable which makes an important point about God’s love for everyone, not just Israel? In that case Jonah never really existed and the specific details can be glossed over.

If it is an allegory, then Jonah obviously didn’t exist and we are looking for something which really does exist which the symbols of Jonah are pointing to.

Then again, it could be an historical narrative as genuine as any other in the Old Testament.

I think Jesus gives us the answer and he leaves us in no doubt.

Theology and Horology

Today was a long day. A very long day. In fact, one of the longest we’ve had in quite a while. And it all has to do with how we measure time (ie Horology). It seems every now & then official earth time falls fractionally behind reality & needs an adjustment. Today was that day.



Chuck Colson (1931-2012) - A picture of redemption

Charles Colson, the self-confessed ‘hatchet man’ for President Richard Nixon, died this week. If ever there was someone whose life typified the ‘condemned’ to ‘set free’ message of the gospel, it was he.

Christians know this of themselves anyway, but Colson’s conversion showed the world just what the Lord can do when a person completely surrenders.

To think that someone so intimately involved in the Watergate scandal could end his life as a respected elder statesman. That was Colson.

Dawkins vs Pell - a debate unworthy of Darrow vs Chesterton.

Rarely have I put my hopes in a Roman Catholic to defend orthodox Christianity and this week’s effort by Cardinal George Pell, in his debate with atheist Richard Dawkins, has done little to change my mind.

However, there is one who, if he were alive, I would gladly offer up to Mr Dawkins on such an occasion: GK Chesterton.

The unique contribution of Zechariah

I read something in the Bible which amazed me the other day.

Sure, we all think we know the Word pretty well, but every now and then you have to stop and wonder, “Why didn’t I see that before?”

I had that experience recently while reading the minor prophet Zechariah.

Read on...




Book review – 'The Christian Faith' by Michael Horton

Systematic Theologies have a long and distinguished tradition in Christian history. The great men of theology have contributed in this area.

Anyone presuming to write such a book has an enormous task in front of them. What do you include? What do you leave out?

The latest contribution to the genre comes from Michael Horton, one of the world’s most prolific Reformed authors.

Terry Allen takes a look inside.


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