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Daniel - both now and forever (12 part series)

By Terry - Posted on 06 April 2010

There are very few Bible characters without flaws. It seems in every case, our heroes stumbled somewhere along the way; and why wouldn't they? There were human like us and that's what sin does.

But if I had to rank Bible characters in terms of faithfulness & obedience, I can't think of any I would put ahead of Daniel. Joseph and Samuel would not be far behind, but Daniel I think would sit near, if not at, the top.

This incredible man spent most of his life in exile and served his God under the most trying circumstances imaginable. He was threatened with execution several times, walked into what would have seemed like certain death numerous and boldly confronted the tyrants of his day with the word of the LORD with unerring faithfulness and humility.

The visions he received and the messages given to him often made Daniel physically sick for days on end, such were their horror. Yet, through it all, Daniel prayed towards his beloved homeland and for his people three times a day for the duration of his life in exile. He would never return to see it.

Taken into captivity not once, but twice, Daniel acquitted himself favourably in the eyes of several rulers while he went about his work, usually in their inner circle, as a faithful, God fearing Jew.

And then there were those visions! Angels, beasts, horns, death, bloodshed & judgement all wrapped up in apocalyptic arithmetic. It's about strange imagery at one moment, then several well known Kings and conquerors the next, which all ultimately lead us to the coming Messiah.

We look at it all in this complete series on the book of Daniel. 12 chapters - 12 messages.

At the end of it we are reminded of two great truths of Scripture; that anyone who serves the living God will suffer for it and that He remains utterly and completely in control of the world's destiny and therefore ours too.

But the journey from the opening verse to that conclusion is long & winding. Join us on a tour of a book like no other as we begin.

To Him be glory & honour.


Daniel 1 - Holding up under pressure.mp312.15 MB
Daniel 2 - Dare to dream.mp312.27 MB
Daniel 3 - Fired up for the Lord.mp313.93 MB
Daniel 4 - Nebuchadnezzar's new life.mp315.73 MB
Daniel 5 - The writing on the wall.mp314.07 MB
Daniel 6 - Daniel in the lions' den.mp312.46 MB
Daniel 7 - Daniel has a dream.mp310.12 MB
Daniel 8 - The dream no one understands.mp312.17 MB
Daniel 9 - Daniel prays.mp313.02 MB
Daniel 10 - God's perspective.mp314.16 MB
Daniel 11 - Looking ahead.mp312.99 MB
Daniel 12 - Go your way.mp314.07 MB

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