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Jonah - A gracious and merciful God (8 x mp3's)

By Terry - Posted on 22 March 2013

I think it's fair to say Jonah is the prophet with the worst attitude in the entire Bible. When Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of his day, he warned them that his message was in the long line of those who had faithfully preached God's word to Israel.

Where does Jonah sit in this line? He definitely preached, he saw Yahweh convert an entire city through it, but what about Jonah the man? Surely Jesus would not compare himself to that?

But Jesus did in fact compare himself to Jonah, at least in reference to the three days and night in the tomb. In fact he said, "Something greater than Jonah is here." Greater than Jonah? That does not sound like too high a mark to achieve.

So why was Jesus so interested in the work of this minor prophet? The book bearing his name is just four chapters long and there is widespread disagreement over what we should make of it.

In this eight part sermon series, we examine the life & times of the prophet Jonah. Did he really exist? Are the miracles to be believed? What does this story mean for us today?

Interesting, challenging & relevant; may God bless our time studying his word together.



Jonah Pt1 Meet Jonah.mp317.91 MB
Jonah Pt2 World Mission.mp316.04 MB
Jonah Pt3 The seed of Abraham.mp319.07 MB
Jonah Pt 4 Arise call out to your God.mp318.31 MB
Jonah Pt5 Salvation belogs to the Lord.mp318.58 MB
Jonah Pt6 The message that I tell you.mp315.93 MB
Jonah Pt7 A God of grace and mercy.mp319.45 MB
Jonah Pt 8 The Gospel in Jonah.mp320.26 MB

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