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Zechariah - Behold, your king is coming (mp3)

By Terry - Posted on 24 April 2012

The book of Zechariah does not get a lot of publicity these days. Its weird visions and pronouncements of judgement might make for a great movie, but we tend not to turn to these pages of Scripture for our morning devotional reading!

But did you know Zechariah is quoted more in the New Testament than Jeremiah, Proverbs or Daniel? Hard to believe, but true.

What's more, every single time Zechariah's words are quoted, they are either spoken by Jesus or by a gospel writer in relation to something he did.

So why would we ignore such a book?

Zechariah lived at the end of the Babylonian-Persian exile, around 500 years before Christ. His visions came right at the end of the Old Testament era as the exiles perpared for life once more in the promised land. However, life would be far different this time.

Instead of finding a land flowing with milk & honey, the people were to face opposition to their rebuilding program (ie the Temple and city walls) and even persecution. It would take quite an adjustment.

But the 70 years of exile should have prepared the people well for New Covenant life, where they would permanently be aliens in the land. The world would not accept Christianity and, tragically, Israel would not accept her messiah.

Once more God raised up a faithful, godly man to call the people to repentance. How would they respond? Join me for this eight part series as we explore what God revealed to Zechariah and what that means for us today.

Terry Allen

Zechariah Pt 1 - Meet Zechariah.mp316.68 MB
Zechariah Pt 2 - A new beginning.mp318.51 MB
Zechariah Pt 3 - Dressed for success.mp316.36 MB
Zechariah Pt 4 - Tradition good or bad.mp317.83 MB
Zechariah Pt 5 - The King on a donkey.mp319.23 MB
Zechariah Pt 6 - The value of leadership.mp317.97 MB
Zechariah Pt 7 - The day of the Lord.mp318.43 MB
Zechariah Pt 8 - A tale of two mountains.mp318.15 MB

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