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A Christian 'Dalit' cries out for all Dalits

By stephen - Posted on 03 November 2012

This week I received a very disturbing email from an Indian national whom I have met personally.

Elisha is a Christian. He is also a Dalit ('Untouchable'). He was once an atheist. Elisha now believes in the risen Jesus and has dedicated his life to helping others via a ministry called 'Light Home'.

His email to me was a cry for help for those who are regarded outside of the caste system of Hindusim.

This is Elisha's cry ...

"Physical attacks on Dalits (Untouchables) are rising in India. Untouchability is still practicing throughout India irrespective of what Government says no Casteism or no Untouchability. In 21st Century still Dalits are physically attacked for touching an Upper caste people. It really breaking our heart. I would like to bring a recent physical violence against Dalits for touching high-caste man. It was happened on 26th October in a village called Ponnala which is less than 50 kilometres to Hyderabad city which is known as Hitech city or Cyber city. Hyderabad is known for IT and it is world re-known IT city. The attacks on Dalits happened just less than 50 kilometres of this Hitech city. Hyderabad is our state capital and it is about 300 kilometres to our LIGHT Home.

Please read on...


On 26th October evening there was a Hindu goddess procession was happening at night. Prior to that procession, high-caste Hindu people released an order that Dalit should not touch any high-caste man in the procession and Dalits should keep distance from other caste people. Dalit people went to see how the procession was going on as procession attracts people with lot of sounds, different lights and with different Hindu gods and goddess makeup people. So Dalits went to see that procession.

Around 10 P.M unexpectedly one Dalit young man hand touched high-caste man. Then the entire high-caste people were so angry and the entire mob attacked this Dalit man and other Dalits who were there in the procession. With strong wood sticks and other weapons, they attacked Dalits and beaten them very badly. Dalits were so afraid and tried to run to their homes to save their lives. But the angry high-caste mob followed them and attacked the whole Dalit people who were innocently sleeping in their houses. They attacked each and every Dalit house and beaten them very badly irrespective of children, elderly people and even one pregnant woman. They kicked pregnant woman on her belly and she was so much injured and lot of pain. This brutal attack went on from 10 P.M to 3 A.M in the morning, for five continuous hours.

High-caste people created a big terror in the village just for Dalit man hand touched one high-caste man. All Dalit people ran with fear to save their lives but angry mob caught them and beaten very badly. After five hours of this attack, police came to stop it. But even in front of police high-caste mob attacked Dalits again where police were audience. Later in the morning only the attacks were stopped when more police came to save Dalits.

Here I have attached the news-paper article attacks on Dalits. It is on the main-headlines of our state wide newspaper. I have also attached close up paper cutting of the news. On the news paper you can see the young man who touched high-caste man and was beaten to blood. It is our kind request to you to please kindly pray that God will comfort these Dalits who were attacked. They are in fear for their life and so scared. Please pray that God’s protection will be upon these people and the justice will be done to our people. A case is filed but no one arrested so far who is involved in the attacks. It seems that high-caste people will escape from the justice.

Please pray that they will be brought to justice. Please stand with our voiceless and powerless Dalits. Thank you.

Yours For the Cry of Dalits,

Brother Elisha"




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