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'"God the Peacemaker" by Graham A. Cole' by Terry Allen

God is Not Great – How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens Reviewed by Dr Bruce Watts. 

The Jesus Scandals: Why He Shocked His Contemporaries (and Still Shocks Today) Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell 

‘The Cross of Christ’ by John Stott Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell

Unseen Realities by RC Sproul Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell

'The Christian Faith' by Michael Horton Reviewed by Terry Allen

Living in God’s Two Kingdoms – the best book I’ve read in 10 years. Reviewed by Terry Allen.

For the Fame of God’s Name (Essays in Honor of John Piper). Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, 2nd Edition. Reviewed by Terry Allen.

'The God Who Is There' by Don Carson. Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell.

Is Christianity Good for the World? Reviewed by Terry Allen.

THE GOSPEL DRIVEN LIFE by Michael Horton. Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell.

Manners and Customs of the Bible - James M. Freeman Reviewed by Terry Allen.

CHRISTLESS CHRISTIANITY by Michael Horton. Reviewed by Stephen Cracknell.

THE BEST OF THE BIBLE - a devotional book

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Discerning Reader is a website promoting good books - books that bring honour to God. They want to help Christians avoid being unduly influenced by books and teachers that do not honour God.




'Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger' by Ronald Sider is critiqued in this 'counter-view': PRODUCTIVE CHRISTIANS IN AN AGE OF GUILT-MANIPULATORS by David Chilton (439 pages: PDF file 5.81MB) FREE BOOK




 '5 Questions To Ask of a Book' by Tim Challies




Many of you would have read Rick Warren’s “THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE”. This is a video critique by John Macarthur as seen on “Wretched”.


Watch John MacArthur's actual video HERE.


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In my honest opinion John Macarthur is already filled with the Holy Ghost. He shows the fruit of it in his life. He is a lover of the truth. He is a great man of God. He is not perfect but he is honestly trying to warn people just how dangerous "a little leaven is". I wish I could say the same of Rick Warren.

I did Rick Warren's 40 days of purpose "programme" about 4 years ago. It is a works based programme that puts the focus on "self help", (with a Biblical veneer) for the purpose of bringing about "Christian Sanctification". It does not work!! Only the true Gospel of God's grace empowered by His Holy Spirit can bring about true sanctification.

Rick Warren has made multiple tens of millions of dollars out of the ‘Purpose Driven Life’ (a lot of this from the non Christian world; they love self help books). Many think that "Might is Right".

John Macarthur has a high profile in the Christian world and is held in very high regard by many Christians. It takes a man of his profile and courage to have enough credibility to sound this sort of alarm bell. Hopefully some will listen.

"It must be stated that the criticism shown by John MacArthur was only part of a longer message and may have been taken out of context. But that part which was shown was not what should be passed on as a positive and informing article for people to consider. John MacArthur is a gifted orator and well respected theologian who has a lot to contribute to the Christian world. But his criticism, referred to by your website, shows a remarkable lack of grace and an un-justified arrogance. His criticism is out of place due to the fact that he clearly does not understand the purpose of "The Purpose Driven Life" which is in my view, to energize the church to stop being pew-warmers and to become involved and part of a living church. It does not aim to convert non-christians, but has the aim to "convert" Christians to take up their God given tasks within His Kingdom. As John Crouch so aptly states, it would be exciting if John MacArthur "were to be filled by the Holy Ghost". He would than show an all-encompassing grace and approach issues from a more humble and objective angle rather than the negative judgmental angle which was shown in this clip. To quote a few sentences taken at random from a book and base a critique on that is not a critique at all, but rather a breaking down of something which has helped many Christians individually as well as many churches to reach more of their God-given potential. I am disappointed that your reference to this clip was given without an accompanying comment to this effect. Many of the youtube clips shown on the website which were referred to do carry a negative message and are often very sensationalist in content. We do need to be very discerning with such publications as we do with all materials that we access."

Many thanks to Hugo Vandenbos for his comments above.

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