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Free book: 'THE HIDDEN LIFE OF PRAYER' by David M'Intyre

By stephen - Posted on 11 November 2012

 Monergism is kindly offering this excellent book to read online but also to freely download in Kindle .mobi and ePub formats.

Reviewed on Amazon, the following readers had this to say about the book: "This was one of the best books I have read in my life" (Todd Tucker) and "This short little book on prayer is probably the best I have read on the subject" (Brian G Hedges).

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1, The Life of Prayer.
  • Chapter 2, The Equipment.
  • Chapter 3, The Direction of the Mind.
  • Chapter 4, The Engagement: Worship.
  • Chapter 5, The Engagement: Confession.
  • Chapter 6, The Engagement: Request.
  • Chapter 7, The Hidden Riches of the Secret Place.
  • Chapter 8, The Open Recompense.
  • Footnotes, Footnotes to all chapters.


You can download the book HERE.

Quote form the book: "If we do not expect to receive answers to our requests, our whole conception of prayer is at fault. "None ask in earnest," says Trail, "but they will try how they speed. There is no surer and plainer mark of trifling in prayer than when men are careless what they get by prayer." And to the same effect Richard Sibbes writes: "We should watch daily, continue instant in prayer; strengthen our supplications with arguments from God's Word and promises; and mark how our prayers speed. When we shoot an arrow we look to its fall; when we send a ship to sea we look for its return; and when we sow we look for an harvest....It is atheism to pray and not to wait in hope. A sincere Christian will pray, wait, strengthen his heart with the promises, and never leave praying and looking up till God gives him a gracious answer."

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