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UPDATED: August 2013

Hermeneutics is a fantastic subject. We love it! It's all about interpreting the Bible correctly.



THEOPEDIA is a good start - especially as it has MULTIMEDIA & various links as well.




Biblical Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics. 9 essays on hermeneutics from Biblical




Read Any Good Letters Lately? by Stephen Cracknell. Culture, geography and history are important factors in understanding the letters to the Corinthians.




BIBLE ORG. has a course that will keep you busy in a very constructive manner.

BIBLICAL TRAINING.ORG has a thorough Hermeneutics course, online, by Dr. Robert Stein.

 INTERPRETING THE BIBLE A free online course from Moore College, Sydney.




Hermeneutics (MP3). Lecture by Rev. Prof. Douglas Milne

Introductions to Biblical Interpretation by Bible Researcher is very, very good!


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