John Batchelor

For the first 20 years of my life I was a militant atheist. A close relative informed me that God and the Bible were just a big fairy tale. My high school teachers reinforced this view by presenting the theory of evolution as a FACT. Only one girl in the class disagreed with the teachers and we all thought that she was nuts. I delighted in finding Christians and showing them why what they believed was irrational. I thought that I had them on toast.

In my late teens I started suffering from deep depression and by age 21 was desperate to find some answers as to how the human mind works and why my mind was not working properly. Totally out of character with my atheism (but in desperation for answers) I began to entertain the idea that maybe there was a non-physical component to my mind. This took me on a journey into looking at various religious beliefs. After a few dead ends and at a suicidal low point of my life I was humbled enough to have a look at the claims of Christianity.

A Christian magazine that I came across removed (for me) the greatest stumbling block that I had, The Theory of Evolution. I realised that I had been duped by a biased one sided argument. This opened the doors wide for me to understand that believing in an all powerful creator God was not only rational but, according to the evidence, was "the only rational thing to believe". I was on my way. I wish I could say "it's all been clear sailing from that point to this" but if I did I would be lying.

At age 26, I along with my beautiful wife Maree (of just 6 months at the time), made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives and accepted Him as our personal saviour. My clinical depression left me and has not returned. I give Jesus all the credit for that.

My Christian doctrinal journey has not been so immediate or straightforward, however. It has been a long and winding road. I think I must be a slow learner!

God's grace is the most wonderful thing in all creation; that He would lavish such love on a sinner like me is beyond my comprehension. Jesus is indeed the Good Shepherd that goes after the one stray sheep and brings it back into the fold. Not one of God's elect children will be snatched from His hand.

Suffice to say that after 23 years of "questionable" doctrinal beliefs God has brought me and my family out of the wilderness and into an understanding of Historic, Reformed, Evangelical Christianity.

My wife Maree and I have three beautiful children - Joshua, Rebecca and Shannah. We attend Harbourside Evangelical Church - the night service of Coffs Harbour Pressies.

I work full time as The Supervising Radio Technician for Forests NSW in Coffs Harbour.

My hope is that will provide valuable resources to help people to be set free by coming to a greater understanding of God's truth as revealed in His Holy Word - the Bible. John 8:32.

To Him be the glory both now and forever more!

(Photo: John is second from the right).