Steve White

My early days as a Christian saw me reading a lot of the Bible, but having very little understanding of what it meant for me.  I thought at that stage that different Churches simply existed to accommodate different styles of doing Church.  At around 21, I started listening to preaching that amazed me.  I would hear the word opened up in a new way - whole passages were preached from and related to my life.  It was at this time that I was confronted with the fact that not only was God incomprehensibly loving, but was truly sovereign and in control over all of my life - a fact that revolutionized my thinking on God, myself, and life in general.  I saw a huge difference in the kind of understanding I’d previously had of God and his ways, and the way God was presented in the Bible. 

 The next few years saw me keenly listening to teachers and reading as many books as possible to further my understanding of the Bible and the God who wrote it.  As my enthusiasm grew, my passion to show others the truths that God had revealed grew also.  Without realizing it, I slowly became more and more active in doing what I could to encourage and spur on the Christians around me, as well as wanting to see non-believers accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Eventually I ended up at Moore College in Sydney where I did a Bachelor of Theology and had the privilege of working under a couple of very Godly and capable pastors.

 My role now is as pastor of Harbourside Evangelical Church - the night service of Coffs Pressies.  I am still amazed by God’s goodness to me over the last few years - in a life that seems chaotic at times, God is firmly in control and has showered me with undeserved blessings.