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The Story of Allen Gardiner

Missionary Pioneer, Captain Allen Gardiner  (1794-1851) founder of the Patagonia Mission.

At one town, when asked what sort of a meeting he had had, he answered, "Not very good, but better than sometimes."

"How many were present?"

"Not one; but no meeting is better than a bad one."


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The last words in his journal, before dying of starvation and from the cold, he testifies of the loving kindness of God

"5. Friday.--Great and marvellous are the loving-kindnesses of my gracious God unto me."

"I neither hunger nor thirst, though five days without food! Marvellous loving-kindness to me a sinner!--Your affectionate brother in Christ."

Allen Gardiner is believed to have died on 6th September 1851

In his death Allen Gardiner was overwhelmed with a sense of the goodness of God which is evident in his writtings.

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"Men and women who refuse to acknowledge God's existence do so, in the final analysis, because it is contrary to their manner of living. They do not want to bow to the moral claims of a holy God on their lives."

R C Sproul

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