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Vietnam War


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Intro: General Information

Vietnam War 1962–75 Australian War Memorial

History: Year 10 (John Larkin)

Australia After 1945 Skwirk Interactive Schooling

Australia and the Vietnam War - Overview

What was the Australian government’s response to Communism in Australia?


1. How did the Australian Government respond to the threat of Communism after WW2? (SPARK )

The Petrov Affair (Teachers' Guide) - a webquest


 2.  Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War? (DUFF)

Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War?

Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War?

How did Australia respond to the domino theory?


3. How did various groups respond to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War? (SPORT) 

Anti-Vietnam War Protests

"Explain the changing attitudes towards the Vietnam War in Australia" by Anneke Pol (Year 10 2008) PDF file


4.  What was the impact of Vietnam war on Australian veterans and families? (HARSHH)



AUSTRALIA and the VIETNAM WAR - Aftermath 


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