Huge List of Gospel Kindle Deals!

OK. This will be short and sweet!

One of the guys on our site wants you to be aware of these fantastic Kindle deals via Amazon.

It's well worth the look because there are some stunning books on this list compiled by Tim Keller.

For example, How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil [Kindle Edition] by D. A. Carson. This book is excellent!

So, over to you: Huge List of Gospel Kindle Deals!




For example, an article entitled Jehovahs Witnesses view of 1914 - A Refutation by Rev. Paul Seiler (Christian Library Australia).

FOR WOMEN: ‘PROVERBS 31 MINISTRIES’ has a president: Lysa TerKeurst who has had articles published in 'Focus on the Family' (we may need your feedback on this one!)

How about this! 2 Articles! TWELVE MYTHS ABOUT CALVINISM and TWELVE MYTHS ABOUT ARMINIANISM by C Michael Patton (Credo House). Enjoy!


FREE Audio Download: 'Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God' by J.I. Packer

For those of you who receive our regular monthly e-newsletter, you will be aware that we promote most free books from CHRISTIAN AUDIO.

Every so often, however, there are just some audio books that need an extra 'plug'. And this is certainly one of those!

CHRISTIAN AUDIO is offering, for this month only (May, 2014), this much admired (must read) classic - 'Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God' by J.I. Packer (one of the most respected Christian authors of the modern era).


  • Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God
  • Author: J.I. Packer
  • Narrator: Grover Gardner
  • Runtime: 3.25 Hrs. - Unabridged
  • Publisher: christianaudio Hovel
  • Downloads: ZIP M4B MP3

Don't miss out on this very generous offer from CHRISTIAN AUDIO!


The Noel Paul Stookey Interview mp3

In 1985 I interviewed Noel Paul Stookey at our local radio station in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

That's right! You know the guy; 'Paul' from that famous folk trio 'Peter Paul and Mary'. (For all those under 50, this group was huge in the 1960's; they are still legendary in the minds of baby boomers even now).

My friend, Russell, and I picked Stookey up from the airport and transported him to our community radio station, 2CHYFM, in order to promote his concert that same night. Chronologically, this event was towards the end of Stookey's Australian tour where he was travelling with a band called Bodyworks.

After an initial embarrassment due to the station unprepared for us, the interview was finally conducted on the 28th September 1985.

So, how did it all go? Well, to be very frank, not very well at all! Stookey was tired and seemingly grumpy; I was young and far too naive.

Read on to access the actual interview (which has just been re-discovered) and also my recollections of a very uncomfortable interview that haunted me for years after…


The Most Dangerous Idea

Which dangerous idea has the greatest potential to change the world for the better?

Consider this atheist's response,

 "I can say without fear of contradiction that the original Easter was the most important long weekend in the story of humanity."

Atheist Dick Gross

The article, The Most Dangerous Idea, is written by Phillip Jensen and compares two radically different world views: Christianity and atheism. Based upon Australia's Q & A (ABC TV).

A highly recommended Easter 'read': The Most Dangerous Idea


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After resisting, for some years, the alleged 'need' to acquire the services of 'Facebook' - we have finally relented.

What have we done? Are we mad?

Emerging from the wonderful, tranquil bliss of the dinosaur era, we now have this service up and running from today (see top left hand corner) should you wish to contribute to this website - which is freely published for you anyhow!

Who wants to be first?


Mike Baird, a Christian - now the Premier of NSW.

At the time of writing - less than an hour ago - Mike Baird was elected by his Liberal colleagues to be the 44th Premier of NSW (the most powerful state in Australia). It's a high honour with tremendous responsibilties given the current public distrust of politicians in NSW thanks to ongoing corruption enquiries.

What sets Mike Baird apart from the average politician is that he is a committed Christian. A strong admirer of William Wilberforce, Baird once left his career as a 'high-flyng' investment banker in order to study the Bible (Regents College, Canada) with a goal to become an Anglican minister. However, like his well respected father (Bruce Baird), politics was to draw him into a realm of service; the proper attitude for a politician – according to Mike Baird.

So how does the secular press regard him? Not too bad at the moment considering his opposition to same-sex marraige, embryonic research and euthanasia. Consider this recent quote from 'The Australian' newspaper: 'NSW Treasurer Mike Baird is a thoroughly decent and principled person, and he's a strong Christian who takes his beliefs very seriously.'

But the problem for many of us here in NSW is that we don't really know much about him at all. Who is Mike Baird and what does he see as the inextricable connections between an evangelical Christian and a politician? Best that he answer that himself (without clever editing).

The following is an informative interview with Mike Baird from ‘The Centre of Public Christianity':

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