Why 'Good' Friday?

The earliest testimony of what Christians believed is recorded by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15. The initial verses recite a creed which was formulated within a few years after the death of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul (converted to Christianity around 37AD) says to the Corinthians

“I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died ... that he was buried..”

The opponents of Christianity certainly called the day they crucified Jesus 'good', but why do believers celebrate this day?


Happy Birthday 'CHRISTIAN FAITH'!

Guess what!


We are 5 years old today! That is, 16th April 2014.

So what? I hear you ask! Well, we want to actually thank YOU for taking the time to visit our FILING CABINET style website (our site is full of excellent website links). We really do appreciate the fact that many of you return to check out our humble site and many (most) of you are brand new.

To those of you who are Australians, I need to inform you that our number one visiting country is now the USA. But to all who visit our site - from many different countries - we simply want to say 'G'day; great to have you visit us! Go on ... have a good look around!'

Then, CONTACT US - and tell us what you think ... be really nice to hear from you!


'The Sacred Sandwich' is back!

'The Sacred Sandwich' has just made a return to the world of the internet! This is big news to small minded people like me!

In fact, this is great news for those who like humour and serious theology blended in such a way that the end result can be very interesting - much like a rocky road chocolate!

For the unitiated, 'The Sacred Sandwich' (Illustrated Journal for Small-Town Christians in the Big Bad World) is a Christian blog run by team of bloggers who appear to be very old and conservative. They're not, of course, but what the heck - we can all pretend can't we?

Check out 'The Sacred Sandwich' - it's a very clever and engaging website!



We had a brief 'holiday' for the month of March but we are back with brand new links!

Remember, we are a 'filing-cabinet' style website. This means that  our site has hundreds and hundreds of links on many differnent topic areas.

And we have just added some more!

For example - check out these 3 articles:

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There exists a 'sign' for everyone. Do you know what it is?

It was towards mid-afternoon in the Middle East. You know, the sleepy section of the afternoon where you feel like resting and letting your thoughts wander, as in a dream.

Well, that’s exactly what I was doing. Just walking lazily through the desert oasis at Ein Gedi in Israel; allowing my restful mind to wander before an abrupt stunned fear grabbed hold of me in a controllable, yet unbelievable way.

Why? What happened? You will have to read on…


Original Sin (7 mp3 messages)

You might think the doctrine of original sin is a given amongst Christians. Perhaps it is up to a point, but that depends on your definition.

Did Adam sin for us or simply before us?

Do we sin because we are like Adam or because we were there that day 'in Adam' (ie sinning with him)?

Can Christians achieve a sinless life now or only at the second coming?

Just a few questions and already you can see the problem. There is widespread confusion on the doctrine of sin in today's Church.