REBELLION. The Sexual Revolution Is An Attempt To Make God Irrelevant.


There is little doubt that the homosexual lobby in the West has engineered one of the most successful campaigns for social and legislative change in the last century. No other group has achieved such success in transforming the prevailing culture and in restricting religious freedom. What has caused such radical shifts in social attitudes towards homosexuality over the past few decades? And how did this shift take place on an international level in such a short time? Dr Peter Jones answers these questions in this stunning interview with Peter Hastie.


How Can We Remain Silent?

unborn_child.jpgIf God has spoken to us clearly about his concern for the life of the unborn child, how can we remain silent?

Will he not hold us accountable if we fail to speak out on behalf of those least able to defend themselves?

Bruce Christian explains ...

Read Any Good Letters Lately?

readingLetters.jpgOften we read the letters of the New Testament without adequate preparation. What I mean by this is that it’s easy to forget that we are dealing with actual letters written to actual people about actual issues.

The problem is not that we don’t read the letters but we should think about doing some background homework before we attempt to get a hold of the letter in its entirety. We need to ask ourselves: what cultural and historical issues were these ‘actual people’ experiencing at the time of receiving these letters?

The Gospel According to Joe.

hockey_blackberry.jpgJoe ("I pop into church irregularly and say G'day to God") Hockey has just given his thoughts on religion, faith and the Supreme Being in a speech titled In Defence of God. In it, Mr Hockey identifies himself as a Christian (Joe was raised within Catholicism) and then proceeds to dismantle Biblical Christianity. He has allowed himself to be infused with the world's ideal faith; a blend of religious syncretism and tolerance. The Gospel According to Joe has caused quite a stir today in the press, and even the Catholic blogs. Why? Read on ...

When witnessing becomes illegal

How far would you go to defend your right to witness in your own country? Would you be willing to suffer alienation from friends, persecution and outright hostility? How about arrest and imprisonment?

We have become so comfortable in our age, many Christians think persecution is when somebody disagrees with you and says mean things behind your back.

But there is growing evidence genuine persecution is not far away, as this story shows.