2 Iranian Women in Iran Tell the Court 'We Will Not Deny Our Faith'

maryam_marzieh_prisoners_in_iran.jpgIn a demonstration of inspiring faith in Jesus Christ, 2 Iranian citizens accused of being Christians have testified in a Tehran court and stated that they “love Jesus” and, therefore, will “not recant their faith.”

They have said that they do not regret their actions.

Maryam Rustampoor, aged 27, and Marzieh Amirizadeh, aged 30, were arrested on 5th March for departing Islam. Placed in solitary confinement at the horrible Evin prison, deprived of much needed medical care and even blindfolded (often) for unjust interrogations for hours over 5 months. Read on...

“Martin Luther” – wasn’t he the black civil rights leader who was assassinated in the sixties?


No, that is not a joke from “Hey, Hey It’s Saturday”!

It’s serious, because I have heard responses like this from teens on more than one occasion.

Quite simply, too many Christians have never heard of the white German academic preacher/teacher/pastor, Martin Luther.

He belonged to an historical period in Europe (16th Century) that was called the Reformation. It helped shape the freedoms you enjoy today. How?

Do We Need Christmas Anymore?

Nativity Scene_0.jpgSounds almost blasphemous doesn't it? What a question! Of course we need Christmas - it's Biblical isn't it?

How could you not support Christmas? I hear you say! It's all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th December in Bethlehem, 2000 years ago!

Well, before you run me out of town, read on! I've actually been to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve expecting a spiritual night (I wasn't a Christian). I was assaulted in Manger Square, so I think I have something to say about Christmas and all that! Read on!

The Maestro and the Messiah

He was busking at the entrance to the underground in Washington DC. Thousands of commuters walked past in the 45 minutes it took him to play his six pieces.

An average day, you might say, for the people who keep the turnstiles spinning at one of the world's busiest public transport terminals.

But this was no ordinary day and no ordinary busker. Little did people realise, they were walking past perhaps the world's greatest violinist  - Joshua Bell.

Jesus' Family Tree

 If you were to shake your family tree, who would fall out?  Chances are, there would be an assortment of characters, right?  There might be the odd hero, the odd villain, but most would be average people.  Matthew’s gospel starts with an account of Jesus’ family tree, and it is very similar to ours except for one thing.  Shake his family tree and only villains fall out.  There are no real heroes!