Big Church vs Little Church. Which holds on to truth better?

The Evangelical Church is known for a few things, but the size of its congregations is generally not one of them.

A recent survey, however, casts a new light on the faith of 'bigger' churches. It seems they hold onto orthodoxy with a firmer grip than smaller churches.

Can this be true? Should we be looking to grow numerically to maintain purity?

Was Jesus sexist and racist?

Racism.jpgJesus encounters a grieving mother, who happens to be of a different ethnic group to Him. She cries out for compassion but instead she only receives silence from Jesus, the Jewish male rabbi. His disciples want nothing to do with her. After all, she is non-Jewish &, of course, a woman. Was Jesus seeming indifference due to racism & sexism? I wonder?

Want to please God in Fiji? Don't wear pants on Sunday!

Growing up in conservative Church circles, it was quite common for there to be a dress code for Sunday worship.

This could be formalised or unwritten but you usually knew where you stood on the subject of what attire was appropriate for Church.

In Fiji Church leaders have decided its time to pull the men into line.

From now on, no one should wear pants on Sunday.

Interview with Dr. Robert Schuller

robert_schuller_2.jpgThis will be the briefest blog entry in the history of 'Christian Faith' ... OK, so we are only a few months old but this will be brief! I was checking out the new White Horse Inn website today because it is one of my favourite sites, and I came across a remarkable 1992 conversation between Dr. Robert Schuller (RS) of Crystal Cathedral and Hour of Power fame and Dr. Michael Horton (MH).

A Conversation with Dr. Robert Schuller is well worth reading; check it out. I did ... and my mind is still spinning!

Read on for an excerpt: