Sex Party

That would have to be the most interesting headline I have ever written, however the subject matter is quite serious. Australia has a new political party; the Australian Sex Party. How will you vote?


Witnessing to JW's - Jesus is Jehovah

The one statement a Jehovah’s Witness will never make – Jesus is Jehovah!

If you have spent any amount of time with the average JW, you will have noticed they are quite nice people. Not every conversation with a JW is a confrontation and you may have even found some common ground in your theological discussions.

But there is one statement a JW cannot make; that Jesus is Jehovah. Here’s why.

Jefferts Schori plunges Episcopal Church into Apostasy

If I were asked to describe the central message of Christianity, no matter what words I used, I would speak of the death and resurrection of Jesus. If then asked to explain how this related to me, I would go on to detail personal faith in Christ as the necessary step for salvation. That is, to be right with God, you must come to faith in his Son who died for your sin.

These few statements, among others, are considered by the Christian Church to be orthodox. Whatever else we believe or practice, we all agree on these. That is why we must now conclude the Episcopal Church in America is an apostate religion.