Challenging career anyone?

My last blog was all about a man named Miles – Miles Coverdale. The truth is that we would never have heard of Miles had it not been for a man named William Tyndale. Miles used William’s translation of the New Testament as well as his translation of the Pentateuch and Jonah in his own work on the Coverdale Bible.

We need to know about William, we really do, so here goes!

Anyone heard of Miles? Not the jazz guy!

Next time you are reading your Bible, spare a thought for Miles – Miles Coverdale that is.

Miles was not your average bloke. Born in 1488, graduating from Cambridge in 1531; Miles went on to translate & produce the first complete printed translation of the Bible into English.

The picture you see on the left is the title page of this historical Bible. For a more detailed look at the cover I encourage you go HERE & have a detailed look – it’s fascinating!

Scotland the Timid rises

The Church of Scotland has rushed to stem the inevitable flow of gay Ministers outing themselves in the wake of Rev. Scott Rennie's appointment at Aberdeen. The Kirk has put in place a two year moratorium on the appointment of any more gay Ministers. Will this fix the problem?

Scotland the Coward falls

The Church of Scotland faced a dilemma recently. When a Church called an openly gay Minister, 'The Kirk' was asked to rule on its legality. It put the matter to vote and gave the green light. Rev. Scott Rennie therefore became the Church of Scotland's first openly gay Minister.

Does truth really matter?

Does 'truth' really matter?

Some years ago, over 30 to be exact, I used to travel with a Bible in my suitcase. Was that unusual? In a way, because I wasn't a Christian; I couldn't actually understand the Bible (it was hard to understand) but I still wanted it to accompany me anywhere I travelled.

At the end of April, 1979, I gave my life to Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade in Sydney. Again, something very unusual happened.