Sex and God's boundaries

So there is another Rugby League sex scandal. We can’t say we are surprised to hear it (it’s not like there hasn’t been one before you know). Disappointment would be a better word. But from a Christian perspective, it is interesting to see the world wrestling with the moral implications of this latest event.


How big is your Jesus?

To some people, Jesus is as significant as a drop of water in the ocean. He has little impact on their thinking or their lifestyles.

To other people, Jesus is the focal point and the driving force of their lives. He is not seen as a drop. He is seen as the whole vast ocean, from its shallow shores to its mighty depths.

The Perfect Prayer:

Praying Hands.JPGOnce upon a time I used to think (had been taught) that God answers prayer according to your faith alone. If you have a lot of faith, (in getting what you are praying for) God will answer your prayers according to your requests. This proved to be very hard work indeed.