"A Real Life Story - Transformation from Orphan to a Dreamer' by Brother Elisha

Nine years ago, an elderly woman brought a four years old little girl to me. Girl was pale, shy, looking so innocent and had no life on her face.

She had only one long gown which was torn out. She probably didn’t know where she was and why her grandmother brought her to me as she was so small and had no idea of what was going on.

Grandmother was in late 70’s. Grandmother started to tell me about the life of the little girl. The little girl lost both parents when she was three. Grandmother raised her as mother for one year.

After that she couldn’t even feed her as she was so old and couldn’t work. Both were living on the kindness of others in her village to fill their stomachs.

Grandmother was so worried about little girls’ future as she was in her last days. She wanted to find a place for the girl.

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She had relatives in our village and she knew my family very well as my grandmother and she were workmates on the fields once. As she got the news about LIGHT Home, she brought the little girl to me in seeking admission in LIGHT Home.

As I looked into the eyes of the little girl, I was so moved with compassion for this girl who had no idea of how parents looked like. She had no memory of parents. Her only hope was her grandmother who was in her last days of life. No relative wanted to take care of the girl. So was completely orphan with no hope for the future.

God has given us vision and passion for these children who have no hope. We have invited the little girl into our LIGHT Family. She was the first and last one so far who joined at the very young age of 4. This was the photo taken on the first day when she came to me and this was the only dress she had [EDITOR: see photo above].

When her grandmother was leaving her at the LIGHT Home, little girl started to cry as she didn’t want to leave grandma. Since she started to understand the world, her grandmother was her world. It was heart-breaking scene. She didn’t know anyone except grandma.

As little girl was crying for grandma, my mother taken her into her hands and became new grandma. Since then my mother and little girl developed a strong bond. Little girl used to cry at nights for mother, as she thought her grandma was her mother. My mother cared for her so much. Very soon she became part of the family and happy ever since. My mother, personally taken more personal care of this girl.

Looking back nine years now, what a great joy to see the tremendous change in her life. Now, once the little, is studying year nine. Her name is Manasa - meaning very peaceful and sweet. Her name matches her personality perfectly.

Manasa is so happy and not shy any more. She is a beautiful teenage girl. She is loved by all as all knows her since she was so little.

“I cannot imagine my life if my grandmother didn’t bring me here. Without LIGHT Home and brother Elisha, I am so scared even to think how my life would be if I am not here. This is my home and family” says Manasa.

Last year her grandmother passed away. It was very big shock and sad for her. Her big LIGHT Family supported her in the tragedy. But she wants to fulfil the dream that her grandmother dreamed of her to have job and good future. She is aiming for it.

Her dream is to become school teacher at our LIGHT UP School and help other children like herself who have no parents and living without hope. She is studying well and we are confident that her dream will come into pass.

She loves playing with other kids. She loves going to water park once a year and she waits for that day 364 days as all children do. Here I have put a photo of her since her first day at LIGHT Home. She is most loved girl by our visitors and happy to be around.

I am greatly encouraged and inspired by the real stories like Manasa who is truly blessing me and helping me to keep go on in to reaching out more children who are living without hope. There are millions of Manasa’s out there who need our care and support.

In Gospel of Matthew 25:40 Jesus says, “whatever you do for the least of these (who are hungry, naked, distress and sick), you are doing it for me.”

My friend, in these children eyes like Manasa, I see Jesus and I want to serve Him.

Thank you so much for your loyal partnership in changing the lives of children like Manasa.

Yours in His Service,

Brother Elisha


(Home for Hope and Promised Future)


Gannavaram, Krishna (Dist.) - 521101

Andhra Pradesh



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