1. William Lane Craig

Craig is one of the foremost Christian debaters in the world today

New books on apologetics written by William Lane Craig and Joseph Tang (Oct 2011)

The Defense Never Rests. A workbook for budding apologists

The Defense Never Rests. Teachers handbook

Workbook and teachers manual from his website www.reasonablefaith.org

Suitable for young teens - Christian courses in schools, youth groups and Sunday School lessons.

Available at the moment from Amazon


2. One Minute Apologist

Bobby Conway gives shorts explanations on common questions to the Christian faith and interviews the world's leading apologists to provide creditable answers to questions such as

  • Should Christians Be Surprised by Suffering? With Dr. Gary Habermas
  • What if an Atheist Denies One of Your Premises? With William Lane Craig
  • Erwin Lutzer - How to respond to an Atheist
  • What About Those Who've Never Heard?


3. Give Me An Answer

Cliffe Knechtle loves to converse with student skeptics and those seeking answers to tough questions. He discuss the reasonableness of Christianity at universities around the U.S. His website is GiveMeAnAnswer.com


4. Ravi Zacharias

A leading Christian thimer and communicator who regularly speaks on radio and at Universities.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Just thinking and Let my people think

Some of the top questions students ask. What's the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus? Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig.


5. Manchester Apologetics

Numerous contempary apologetic talks on topics such as

  • How do you see the world? Examining Worldview.
  • Doesn't religion lead to war?
  • Has science disproved God?
  • Does suffering disprove God?
  • Skeptics rule, OK? Why is belief a problem to modern man?
  • How much can we trust the Scriptures?
  • Conversational Apologetics; not only is faith reasonable, it's worth talking about.
  • Only an idiot would believe in God.

The above talks have PowerPoint slides or notes that can be downloaded 

Manchester apologetics