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Terry Allen

The Sydney siege - three things we learnt by Terry Allen

Hugo be thy name (Hugo Chavez) by Terry Allen

Controversial Pastor arrested before he can burn thousands of Qur'ans by Terry Allen

Same sex marriage - the muddled thinking of Kevin Rudd by Terry Allen

Jonah – Parable, Allegory or History? by Terry Allen (incl. mp3)

Theology and Horology by Terry Allen

Chuck Colson (1931-2012) - A picture of redemption by Terry Allen

'Vale John Stott' by Terry Allen

'Jeremiah and God’s call to grip your possessions lightly' by Terry Allen

Sexual sin – democracy sets the standard by Terry Allen

Naboth’s Vineyard – finding Christ’s Kingdom in the Old Testament by Terry Allen

Gillard - no God for me! A sign of the times by Terry Allen

Fishing banned on Sea of Galilee by Terry Allen

Living Oprah or Living Jesus? by Terry Allen

Faith and Football by Terry Allen

Blainey to write a history of Christianity by Terry Allen

3D TV is coming. Evil or opportunity? by Terry Allen

Tiger Woods and the modern moral malaise by Terry Allen

When witnessing becomes illegal by Terry Allen

Protestant Christianity. Are we fighting a losing battle? by Terry Allen

Were we created to believe in God? by Terry Allen

Want to please God in Fiji? Don't wear pants on Sunday! by Terry Allen

To all non-Indigenous Australians - 'Get out!' by Terry Allen

One wolf who was turned away by Terry Allen



John Batchelor

The Perfect Prayer by John Batchelor



Stephen Cracknell

The trials and tribulations of Mark Driscoll by Stephen Cracknell

The Noel Paul Stookey Interview by Stephen Cracknell. This also includes an mp3 interview he conducted with Paul from 'Peter, Paul and Mary'.

Mike Baird, a Christian - now the Premier of NSW by Stephen Cracknell

There exists a 'sign' for everyone. Do you know what it is? by Stephen Cracknell. I once came face to face with a wild leopard. True story!

Hypocrisy ... an excuse, a cop-out or a cancer? by Stephen Cracknell. Hypocrisy is not that well understood by many people. It is a term we use sometimes use flippantly; sometimes as a weapon. This article demonstrates why we need to be very careful with this sensitive subject.

Three Wooden Crosses by Stephen Cracknell. Some thoughts based on the Randy Travis song by the same name.

Is there REALLY such a thing as ‘Christianity’? by Stephen Cracknell. The label 'Christianity' is meant to convey meaning ... but does it?

The Gospel According to Joe by Stephen Cracknell. An Australian politician, Joe Hockey gave a public speech one night about religion. Oh dear!

Does truth really matter? by Stephen Cracknell. Being passionate for truth is a must for an evangelical ... as long as the truth is Jesus!

Heard about the new teen religion? It is huge! by Stephen Cracknell. This explores research done in the USA as to what constitutes the current religious thinking in teens.




Rob Donnelly

John Chapman– Death of a faithful evangelist by Rob Donnelly



Steve White

'Gifts and Miracles' ... a contemporary perspective by Steve White (incl. mp3)




'The Sanhedrin Trial' by David Ashton

The Forgotten Attributes – Holiness and Personal Purity (Isaiah 6:1-8) by Dr. Alan Palmer

"The Kiss." An article by Raymond J. Laird 

Kristina Keneally, sexuality and theology by Roslyn Phillips

REBELLION. The Sexual Revolution Is An Attempt To Make God Irrelevant. An interview by David Jones



LOOKOUT: Articles by Adrian van Leen

The Balanced Perspective of a Wise Man (George Washington Carver)

Christ Causes Controversy This article refers to Mel Gibson's: The Passion of the Christ.

Informed, Thoughtful, Fair and Honest? This article can also be downloaded as a pdf.

Is Oprah Winfrey the Modern Buddha? This article can also be downloaded as a pdf.

The passionate few are fewer.

Saint Rasputin? by Adrian van Leen

The times, they are still a-changin’ This article can also be downloaded as a pdf.

A Visiting Voice in the Wilderness: Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

Walking Together by Adrian van Leen. "Over the last three years they have: organised protests, vigils and rallies against Communists, the St Petersburg Church of Scientology; and others, including several Russian writers - even filing an obscenity suit against one prominent writer." This article can also be downloaded as a pdf.

What will you leave behind? (Arthur Stace). This article can also be downloaded as a pdf.




The following articles and essays are of a general nature covering many topics. As you can appreciate, there are more than 1 or 2 articles of interest in internet land ... so we have had to limit our selection. Enjoy!

ALLIANCE OF CONFESSING EVANGELICALS has a useful collection of articles from Christians such as JI Packer, FF Bruce, James Boyce, RC Sproul etc.

BANNER OF TRUTH Highly respected organisation for many years. Their articles are contemporary and very thought provoking.

BIBLICAL THEOLOGY ARTICLES from 'Beginning With Moses".

THE BRIEFING ARTICLES  are all full text articles from the Briefing - an independent evangelical website.

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE ARTICLES will keep you busy for a month or two ... or three!

L'ABRI has some very interesting lectures in 'pdf' and 'mp3' formats.

LEADERSHIP U features many articles about CURRENT ISSUES.

 LEADERSHIP U features many articles from the LIBERAL ARTS.


THE HIGHWAY has a stunning list of articles from well-known authors. A must see!

TRUTHXCHANGE features articles that are very contemporary and important. Great articles!

The WISCONSIN LUTHERAN SEMINARY online essay file contains about 2065 essays and 25 multimedia items.