Baal and Asherah


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The following is only one version of the identity/status of Baal and Asherah (Ashteroth).

Being human inventions, variations of these 'god's' identities vary over time and according to the different geographical locations.

'Baal' was the Canaanite god of rain and storm (and fertlity) who eventually became king of gods (by defeating a god called ‘Sea’).

In Hebrew, ba'al means "lord", "master" or "husband".

Unfortunately, over time, the Israelites turned away from worshipping the true (unseen) God 'YHWH' and turned to the worship of Baal and Asherah.

In fact, their allegiance became so widespread that Baal worship became the dominant religion – those who actually worshipped the true God were but a small minority.

Baal’s sister/wife was Anat. Mot was the god of death (lover of droughts too!) who killed Baal. Anat brought Baal back to life. In doing so she slashed herself with knives to display her mourning.

'Asherah' was worshipped as the Canaanite mother of all the gods representing life-giving and the primeval sea ('the deep'). She is sometimes mentioned as Ba'al's mother, sometimes his consort (wife) - often symbolised by a pole (erected on high places). 

To destroy 'Asherah' was actually to destroy, not the goddess, but a cultic object of worship i.e. an 'Asherah pole' erected on high places as well as other cultic objects.

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Excellent; extremely helpful and instructive (Vimeo)

The Nature of Canaanite Religion - 1 of 3

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The Nature of Canaanite Religion - 3 of 3

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1 Kings 18 and Elijah's contest with the priests of Ba'al & Asherah

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