Becoming a Christian


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To "become a Christian" is really to be reconciled to God, through what God in Jesus Christ has done for you. It is the best decision you will ever make! It really is a decision you must make.




2 WAYS TO LIVE -  from Matthias Media. This is an interactive page. The relevant studies which follow can be downloaded as a 'pdf' file:


FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS - uses flash media (Campus Crusade For Christ).

STEPS TO PEACE WITH GOD from the Billy Graham Evangelsitic Association.

THE KRISTO MOVIE is a short, but very meaningful, flash based modern presentation of Jesus ... and also you!

THE GOSPEL is the Good News about Jesus. Mark Driscoll, briefly, explains 'The Gospel' to us ... very, very well!




WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GOD is clear, concise and very helpful.




'BE THINKING' has an interesting page called 'WHO AM I? Meaning and personal identity'




WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN? by John Chapman (pdf). We would regard this as one of the very best explanations of this subject anywhere. Highly recommended!

 GOSPEL OF JOHN from the New Testament. Simply enter your email address to receive the ePub download of The Gospel of John (NIV).

INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIANITY EXPLAINED is a free MP3 series called: Christianity Explained Audio Series ...

Part 1 — What it means to be a Christian
Part 2 — Who is Jesus and why is He important?
Part 3 — Jesus' death and what it means for us
Part 4 — Resurrection
Part 5 — What’s so amazing about grace?
Part 6 — Repentance
Part 7 — What comes next

CAN I BELIEVE? are a series of mp3 talks by Tim Keller

WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN? (MP3 Series) with Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson and Dr. Derek Thomas. Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson, Dr. Derek Thomas, Rev. David Lauten & Rev. Neal Mathias discuss the various aspects of what it means to be a Christian. 


ARTICLES - General

 'Five Reasons Why I Am A Christian' (Reasonable Answers)




The Unbeliever's Impossible Task! by Stephen Cracknell. An article about the impossibility of disproving the Resurrection.

Jesus - confess with your mouth and believe in your heart by Terry Allen