Evangelical Christians hold to a very strong view of the Bible ... in fact, the Bible is fundamental to the Christian faith. We hope you enjoy this TOPIC section on the Bible.

However, we also have a BIBLE RESOURCES SECTION - well worth the look!



... is a fantastic website to go to for anything BIBLE.




BE THINKING has a very good page called: 'Bible + Jesus. The historicity and authority of the Bible.' A must look!

CAN THE BIBLE BE TRUSTED? Good question, well - can it? Check this out!

GOD'S STORY ONLINE is an online story of the Bible; a written and illustrated version based on the WHOLE Bible story (in many different languages). There is also a free video of about 80 minutes (wmv and Real). A wonderful site!

ORIGIN OF THE BIBLE: The story behind the Bible's origin; includes pdf downloads.



ARTICLES - General

 BIBLE 101 (The Briefing). "If the Bible had a highlights reel, what passages would flash across the screen? In Bible 101, we’ll be taking a close look at 101 purple passages from the Bible that we think every Christian should know and understand."

Ten Principles When Considering Alleged Bible Contradictions by J.Warner Wallace (Cold Case Christianity). This can be read online or downloaded as a pdf.

400th Anniversary of KJV Bible by Adrian van Leen (Lookout)

Can We Trust the Bible? by Arthur Khachatryan (Cold & Lonely Truth).

What to say When Someone Says, "The Bible has errors." by Jonathan Dodson (Resurgence)




We now have our own dedicated section on the Old Testament HERE.



ARTICLES - New Testament

The Case for the Eyewitness Status of the Gospel Authors by J. Warner Wallace (Cold Case Christianity)

Get up close and personal! View, very closely, a papyrus fragment of St John's Gospel, Chapter 18, verses 31-33, in which Christ appears before Pilate. It was discovered in Upper Egypt, possibly at Oxyrhynchus. It is part of a codex, and is the earliest known fragment of the New Testament in any language. It was acquired by the John Rylands University Library at Manchester in 1920.

Has the New Testament been substantially edited since it was first penned? (Christian Apologetics UK)

'When Were the Gospels Written?' (Christian Apologetics UK)




An Interview with Daniel B. Wallace on the New Testament Manuscripts (“Dan Wallace has clearly become evangelical Christianity’s premier active textual critic today.”)








Alternative Sacred Writings vs The Bible by Adrian van Leen (Lookout)

Alternative Sacred Writings – The Book of Jasher by Adrian van Leen (Lookout)




See above - God's Story Online

Watch the whole movie- The Gospel Of Matthew (The Visual Bible)