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BIBLE CHAIN has a varied collection of different Bible Studies.They are feely accessed 2 ways: online version and/or pdf.

BIBLE STUDY FILE SERVER is not a pretty website BUT a wealth of materials including mp3 and documents.

BIBLESEO. Free Bible study lessons and topics.

BIBLE TEACHING ABOUT is an online resource for free Bible teachings, answers to Bible-related questions and free online Bible academy. 

BIBLE TRANSLATION MAGAZINE is a wonderful website with a powerful vision: "Bible Translation Magazine's vision is to be the best as to education about the Bible itself; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might need to better appreciate how we got the Bible, to educate themselves to be able to better defend the Bible, and to help those who may have lost faith in the Bible as the fully inspired and inerrant word of God."

BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS FOR FREEDOM is a website that really is a labour of love. There are many Old & New Testament studies on this site. If you are leading a Bible study group or you want to do your own Bible study, then check this website out.

 BIBLE STUDY FILE SERVER has a little bit of everything!

BTE MINISTRIES offers free Bible Studies at depth, as well as a passion to teach New Testament Greek (Koine).

GOD'S WORD FOR YOU is a wonderful Australian website that has an extensive variety of different Bible studies. Highly recommended!

THE KINGDOM STORY is a collection of 30 Bible Studies designed to progress through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. 

LIBERTY ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES are worth a look. They can be downloaded free.

THE NEW TESTAMENT GATEWAY is a thorough New Testament web directory of internet resources. It is an academic site; use with discernment.

PERSPECTIVE - a great resource for those of us who are serious about the Bible. The site exists to share Bible resources; excellent for preachers.

RESOURCE PAGES FOR BIBLICAL STUDIES focuses on the early Christian writings and their social world. Many, many great links!

THIRD MILLENNIUM MINISTRIES provides Biblical education, for the world, for free. They have prepared an in-depth biblical education for Christian leaders around the world, in their languages, absolutely free.

COVENANT THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY has more than 20 free courses on their site called WORLWIDE CLASSROOM




BIBLE SURVEY SEMINARY has a variety of courses on the Bible, theology and Bible books.

 THE BIBLE UNPACKED is a wonderful set of resources that Paul Mallison has developed over the past 16 years, for use in ministry or developing one’s own knowledge of scripture. It is comprised of a number of booklets and books, which can be used independently of each other. These can be downloaded for free and used electronically or printed. (Read our article HERE).

BIBLICAL TRAINING ORG. is an amazing website that has wonderful Bible and Theological Courses of substance, including advanced courses. Highly recommended!

HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE from Five Lessons including a study guide, interactive quiz and video; then check your learning with an interactive quiz. 

LOGOS DIVINITY SCHOOL has distance education courses in Bible, theology and apologetics.

RECLAIMING THE MIND MINISTRIES  was created to impact individuals, the church, and the culture with the glory of God and the majesty of Christ by presenting the truths of the Christian faith in a fair and balanced way.




A GUIDE FOR READING THE BIBLE IN ONE YEAR by Benjamin Shaw (Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) This reading schedule is designed to take the reader through the Bible in chronological order. Download as a useful pdf document.

BIBLE READING PLANS from Ligonier Ministries. Here you will find quite a few different plans to choose from. Highly recommended!




THE OPEN BIBLE INSTITUTE: a Bible-centred distance learning college offering you flexible, affordable courses to inspire and equip you for service.




 WALKING BIBLE is a very creative and fun way to memorise the Bible. You can actually create your own courses and, say, store your stuff on your iPod and other listening devices. This is a really cool site!




POSTER: Bible books arranged just like a chemical chart ... this is so good!




King James Bible turns 400! by Terry Allen

The newest NIV by Terry Allen.

Nehemiah ... a failed leader! by Jamie Newans (guest writer).

Scientists admit - Bible older than we thought by Terry Allen

Treasuring the Old Testament by Terry Allen

How to Raise Your Bible Study to a Different Level … Milk to Meat! by Stephen Cracknell. Practical steps to gain more from Bible Study.




Check out our very useful online studies in our New Christians section. Very good - in easy English.