Bible study multimedia


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Our 'Christian Faith' website began, in part, to assist people to access Bible study materials via the internet - with a close eye on the new technologies.

Ipods, mp3 players are all very common - and can be very useful tools to study the Bible.



IIIM REFORMED SEMINARY is a website that contains excellent multimedia Bible study materials. All teachers on this site are Biblical professors but don't let that scare you! Ipod users have not been left out here!

XENOS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP has Bible Studies in PowerPoint, Multimedia & Text Outline formats.

TYNDALE TECH has some useful electronic resources. For example, they have a cute way of mapping Biblical geography with Google maps!



 GOD'S STORY ONLINE is an online video of about 80 minutes. Alternatively, there is a written and illustrated version based on the WHOLE Bible story - wonderful site!

RECLAIMING THE MIND MINISTRIES has 263 Theology Questions and Answers on Video (wmv)


E-SWORD is a labour of love from a guy called Rick Meyers. He has a teaching gift which he has married to his computer skills and created a site for a whole range f Bible resources - mostly free. Well worth checking out. Wiki has a page on this site.