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BIBLE GATEWAY is a well known free service for reading and researching the Bible online - in the translation of your choice. Lots of other goodies as well. We use it often.




THEOPEDIA is an online encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity. Highly recommended.

In fact, check out their list of online Bible Study Tools.

THE INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA ONLINE is also highly recommended. See Terry Allen's article on ISBE HERE.

If you want a vast array of different translations, check out BIBLE RESOURCES. The site is also useful for the Bible in different languages.




BEST COMMENTARIES features reviews and ratings of Biblical, theological and practical Christian works.

CALVIN'S COMMENTARIES COMPLETE from the Calvin Translation Society edition.

The IVP NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARIES are online at Bible Gateway.

FREE BIBLE COMMENTARY by Dr. Bob Utley, Professor of Hermeneutics. Very extensive collection of resources including Bible Study Tools!


 BOOK OF HEBREWS: An Exposition of Hebrews (free eBook - Monergism) by A. W. Pink. (Available in EPUB and .MOBI formats)

BOOK OF REVELATION: The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation by Vern Sheridan Poythress




CROSSWALK has at least 15 tools on this site.

BIBLE HISTORY ONLINE is a fascinating website that has extensive information on such topics as Bible maps, archaeology, customs, Bible tools, illustrations, art, etc. Must look!

BIBLE HUB has - Interactive eBibles; Interactive Bible PFDs and a 'Ten-in-One Bible Database' - all free.

BIBLOS is very, very extensive and serves as a thorough, overall research website. Another must look!

BLUE LETTER BIBLE: in-depth study of God's Word via online interactive reference library (continuously updated). Features teaching, commentaries (conservative and historical); over 680,000 content pages of Bible study resources.

BIBLE STUDY TOOLS claims to be the web's largest library of online Bible study resources. It is VERY impressive!

BIBLE TEXTS is a varied site containing articles, Bible resources, topics and online texts. Too many to list!

CANON FODDER explores the origins of the New Testament Canon - and other Biblical and theological issues (Michael J. Kruger, President and Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary)

PRECEPT AUSTIN includes inductive Bible study, Greek word studies, commentaries, classes, reference searches, Bible dictionaries, Bible maps, Greek tools, devotional materials & Christian biography.

SEARCH GODS WORD is very good! It includes not only different Bible versions but Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Concordances, Encyclopedias, Lexicons, History and Sermon Helps.

STEP Bible is a Tyndale House (Cambridge) project to build high quality free reliable Bible tools, with the aim of enabling anyone who wants to study the Bible seriously to do so.

NET Bible Learning Environment is committed to online Bible study and features Bible Study tools and resources.




ADAPTIVE BIBLE is unique. It's a Bible 'project' that explores an automatically derived translation of the Bible (NT). You can browse by chapter and verse on the ONE page.

BIBLIA.COM is the first we should mention as it has various versions (eg ESV, NIV) but its strength is its STUDY BIBLE approach.

ESV. The English Standard Version is a preferred translation with many evangelicals due to its accuracy. Highly recommended!

ESV (free). Why We’re Giving Away the ESV Global Study Bible (to Everyone) from Crossway. Why Give a Study Bible Away for Free? Crossway now offers the ESV Global Study Bible free of charge, accessible via a variety of digital platforms.

NIV. New International Version. The International Bible Society's site SEND THE LIGHT is useful for NIV users.

CJB. Complete Jewish Bible. The CJB is the only English version of the Bible totally Jewish in presentation and style that includes both the "Tanakh" (Old Testament) and the "B'rit Hadashah" (New Testament).




The importance of exegetical preaching by Steve White

When does preaching become a problem? by Rob Donnelly




EVANGELICAL TEXTUAL CRITICISM "A forum for people with knowledge of the Bible in its original languages to discuss its manuscripts and textual history from the perspective of historic evangelical theology."




BIBLE.ORG has a number of sermon/talk illustrations.

CHRISTIAN QUOTES is collection of Christian quotes providing an easy to use database many useful Christian quotes.

HOLWICK SERMON MATERIALS: Free sermons and illustration databases designed especially for Evangelical Christian workers.

LIBRARY OF CLASSIC SERMONS . A wonderful collection of sermons from the great preachers.

MONERGISM has an outstanding page of sermons based on the individual chapters of EVERY book of the Bible. One of the best website pages we have ever linked to!

MORE ILLUSTRATIONS from 'Sermon Illustrations'

PERSPECTIVE is a site devoted to help evangelicals produce good sermons - EXCELLENT

PREACHING TODAY from 'Christianity Today'.

PREACH IT, TEACH IT is a website committed to providing creative, Biblical, solid, cutting-edge resources for Christian pastors, missionaries and Bible teachers who desire sermons, Bible studies, devotionals and other practical leadership tools for Christian ministry.

THE PROCLAMATION TRUST is an excellent UK site dedicated to assist Christian people expond the Word of God. Features Dick Lucas among many.

 SERMON CLOUD 'is a website for a community to interact with sermons.' Contains over 230,000 sermons and can be used to store sermons as well.

SERMON MANUSCRIPTS (by Scripture text: Genesis to Revelation) from Monergism. This is brilliant!



'Plan Well: How Sermon Planning Helps the Pastor and the Church at Worship' by Phil Newton (The Blog)

What Sermon Illustrations Should Be Banned From Pulpits? (Not every story helps the preaching moment. Three views) by Marguerite Shuster, Richard Allen Farmer, and Haddon Robinson (Christianity Today)