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Blogs can be very informative; entertaining & educative. Below are some worthwhile blogs you may want to check out:



AL MOHLER is one of our favourite Baptists! Al heads up the Southern Baptist Theological College. MP3 sermons & articles are here too. We like Al!

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS is mix of theology, philosophy, politics & culture by Justin Taylor (USA). I must admit, I could spend a lot of time here ... Carson! Dever! John Owen ... not to mention a wealth of links!

BLOG and MABLOG. Douglas Wilson's blog - list of fantasic links as well. Doug Wilson is a reformed and evangelical theologian; pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho; faculty member at New Saint Andrews College, and prolific author and speaker.

BLOGIZOMAI is the creation of Kyle McDanell; a pastor at Goshen Baptist Church in Kentucky, USA.

CAL.VINI.ST is a blog dedicated to Reformed Theology

CHALLIES DOT COM Welcome to the online home of Tim Challies, blogger, author and web designer; his blog is a compendium of articles, information and book reviews.

DOUG GEIVETT. Doug is Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot Department of Philosophy at Biola University.

FAITH INTERFACE is a discussion between science, philosophy and Christianity. It also has a long list of good apologetics sites. It's a very impressive Australian website.

GOSPEL COALITION has a blog that Mike, one of our loyal readers, really likes. We do too!

IRON SHARPENS IRON is a blog by Chris Arnzen. This is a top shelf blog - top stuff! Plenty of MP3s too.

KIM RIDDLEBARGER is a pretty switched on Christian guy; his blog is worth checking out.

 KRUSE KRONICLE by Michael W. Kruse: Blogger and writer, currently working on a book tentatively titled "The Great Divergence and Christian Mission."

LARRY TAUNTON is a debate-organiser-guru! Especially with atheists!

LIVING BY FAITH BLOG belongs to I’m Steve Fuller who describes himself as "a sinner who by faith in Christ alone has been forgiven of all my sins, clothed with Jesus’ perfect righteousness, and brought into the heart-satisfying joy of knowing God".

MandM: NZ Blog! By a couple! And it’s different! MandM stands for Matthew and Madaleine Flannagan (a pretty switched on duo)!

NEW DEMONSTRATION is a blog committed to the Biblical and Christ-exalting truths of the Reformation such as the five solas, the doctrines of grace, monergistic regeneration, and the redemptive historical approach to interpreting the Scriptures. 

TWISTED CROWN OF THORNS. Michael Acidri's blog - evangelical, reformed.

PARCHMENT & PEN is a superb blog from Reclaiming The Mind Ministries.

PYROMANIACS is a pretty hot blog!! While you are there, check out the 'blogroll'!!

STAND TO REASON has a page of blog links

TOM ASCOL'S BLOG: Executive Director of Founders Ministries (Baptist).

TRUST AND OBEY is a blog written by Dave Miller.

WARP and WOOF is a blog by Dr. Mark Eckel (Professor of Leadership, Education and Discipleship at Capital Bible Seminary).




BLOGS FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN are linked on our site.

JULIE RODGERS' blog is by a Christian who has thought deeply about faith and sexuality issues.




DAVE MIERS is an Australian Christian who lives on the Northern Beaches (Sydney).

IN-FOCUS is claims that we can expect truth in large doses!

MGPCPASTOR'S blog is well worth checking out; Gary Ware is doing a great job!