Christian Magazines, Journals, Newspapers & News


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The following are very worthwhile Christian online magazines, newspapers and news sources:

AUSTRALIAN - Magazines and Journals

THE BRIEFING is our first stop! It is Australian, evangelical and super relevant. The Briefing exists to encourage & equip Christians. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

AUSTRALIAN PRESBYTERIAN is an excellent magazine - contemporary - with great articles in every copy. Past issues are available free via PDF. Good stuff Pressies!

CHRISTIAN TODAY AUSTRALIA is an excellent website for Australian and global news (Christian and religious).



USA - Magazines & journals

BIOLA MAGAZINE is the online magazine of Biola University

CHRISTIAN HEADLINES has a very easy to read page with contemporary news, of Christian interest, organised under specific headings.

CHRISTIANITY TODAY is a highly respected journal (USA) that has an excellent range of topics, subjects & contemporary news. A "must view" if you haven't seen it. Takes a little longer to load than most sites BUT well worth the wait!

THE CHRISTIAN OBSERVER has been around since 1813!

REFORMATION 21 is the online magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

STAND TO REASON has a page of links - especially on apologetics.

THEMELIOS is an evangelical theological journal that teaches, defends and expounds the historic Christian faith.

 WORLD states this ... 'We are dependent on God and independent of any political faction or interest group. We don't let advertisers influence news content. We don't print glorified press releases.'

WRS JOURNAL 'contains timely articles written by Western Reformed Seminary professors, other Bible Presbyterian pastors, and occasionally includes articles from other appropriate writers'.



USA - Newspapers

CHRISTIAN POST - The Christian Post is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of Christian-related news in America and a majority of the world. Established in July 2000 with the vision of delivering the good news and spreading the light of Christian culture through Internet media, The Christian Post provides the latest in Christian news nationwide and worldwide from a wide range of areas including Church, Ministries, Missions, Education, Entertainment, Health, and more.



UK - Newspapers and Journals

CHRISTIAN  TODAY - independent, inter-denominational, serving to provide current news information to the Christian public.



ONLINE NEWS - Religion

RNS - Religion News Service  aims to be the largest single source of news about religion, spirituality and ideas.