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It may seem minor to some but there are huge implications as to how you understand the 'Christian faith'; wait for it .... in your own life!

If you look on this page, right side to be precise, you will see a section called 'GREAT PODCASTS' (just below 'Compassion').

There may only be four at this point in time; not many? Just these four would take a lot of time to listen to on a weekly basis.

But that's not the point; these podcasts are simply "awesome" and we recommend them highly if you value really good teaching - REALLY good teaching.


If you don't know too much about 'podcasting' then relax - it's quite basic and simple once you know how.

What is 'podcasting'?

'Podcasting' is a great way of broadcasting audio files (e.g. a Christian radio program or Christian teaching series) over the internet which can be downloaded and listened to via your computer or portable music player (e.g. your iPod).

There are so many great Christian podcasts that some of us guys listen to in our own time (and often re-listen to). We even chat about them and often (I kid you not) get quite excited about 'the new things of God' that we learn or have re-inforced in a powerful way.

Why not try ... say, 'The White Horse Inn' podcast to begin with or maybe even RC Sproul's great teaching sessions?

To be able to access these resources, so easily and without cost, is such an incredible blessing.

Our advice: Go for it!



1. White Horse Inn

2. RC Sproul (Renewing Your Mind)

3. Ravi Zacharias (RZIM - look for 'Listen' on the left hand side of their home page)

4. Come Let Us Reason 

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