Christian Radio

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CHUCK SWINDOLL is a favourite of many people all over the world. MP3s can be downloaded here too. Chuck can also be accessed via Insight For Living.

COVENANT RADIO are Reformed in their theology and Presbyterian in their leanings.

THE CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW RADIO SHOW is a ministry of Summit Ministries.

 ISSUES, ETC. Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio (Lutheran Public Radio). Apps available on Android and iPad devices.

MOODY RADIO is a podcasted collection of programs from Moody Bible Institute.

NARROW GATE RADIO has a number of links to Christian radio.

ONEPLACE has a collection of Christian Radio stations as well as featured speakers including RC Sproul, John Macarthur and Hank Henegraaff. Again, MP3s can be downloaded.

PIRATE CHRISTIAN RADIO "is an online radio station that proclaims the true Christian Gospel message that "Christ was crucified for our sins". We also exalt and defend the historic Christian faith from those who are trying to replace or mix it with pop-psychology, self-help, mysticism, liberalism, and Oprah-fied spirituality."

THE JANET MEFFERD SHOW is hosted by Janet Mefferd! Janet Mefferd takes a Christ-centered look at the news and events of the day, both in the church and in the world. First class presenter!

WHITE HORSE INN broadcasts can be podcasted, mp3 or listened to via Windows Media or Real Player. Highly recommended.

WRETCHED WITH TODD FRIEL is a very unique approach to Christian Radio. A former stand up comedian, Todd Friel deals with serious issues surrounding the Gospel. Excellent website! Check out his VIDEO as well.