Divine election


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Divine election is the sovereign work of God whereby He sets His love upon His people before time, calling them through His Word - granting them the gifts of repentance & faith in His Son. Divine election is a doctrine of grace - salvation is from the LORD.



SAM STORMS website, Enjoying God Ministries, explains with this wonderful doctrine of grace.

THEOPEDIA is a must look!




Is the doctrine of election Biblical? by John Macarthur 

What Calvinism And Arminianism Have In Common by Edward Fudge




DOCTRINES OF GRACE – a categorised list of Bible verses highlighting the 'doctrines of grace' (MONERGISM)




The Sovereignty of God by AW Pink is a Christian classic - a 'must read' for all Christians!

All of Grace by CH Spurgeon is also a Christian classic.





($3 cost for mp3) 'For or Against Calvinism? Complete Conversation.' What is the role of the human will in salvation?  How are we to understand predestination?  Why does God choose some, but not all?  Is he the author of evil?  This mp3 is a conversation between Michael Horton and Roger Olsen recorded live at Biola University concerning their differences over the issue of grace and free will.   This event was inspired by two books recently published by Zondervan:  For Calvinism, by Michael Horton, and Against Calvinism, by Roger Olsen.

OR … get it free via the WHITE HORSE INN PODCASTS!




JOHN PIPER: a series on TULIP (video/audio). Free downloads.