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This page is dedicated to those Christians, and Christian organisations, who believe that the Bible is central to the endeavours of effective Christian counselling. We would appreciate your input, and help, via our CONTACTS PAGE.




'The Pastor As Counselor' by David Powlison. This is an OUTSTANDING article and deserves its place at the top of this page. This is a MUST read for all Christians, not just pastors. It can be read online or downloaded free as a PDF file.




The Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (IBCD) exists  to equip Christians to be able to counsel one another in their local churches.


Dr. Jay Adams

DR. JAY ADAMS15 free mp3 lectures on Biblical counselling. His credentials are listed on this site. Other mp3s from Dr. Adams can be found at Monergism

More talks from AUDIO TREASURES.

The Institute for Nouthetic Studies is Dr. Adam's website. This also has information about a counselling course. 

You will find on this site in information about his PODCAST via iTunes and his new VIMEO channel in HD.

Gospel Coalition has a series by Jay Adams called 'Biblical Counseling Principles'. There are 10 of them! Begin with 'Biblical Counseling Principles 1'. Many other very worthwhile talks (mp3) on this site can be found HERE.

See 'Recommended Reading' below


Dr. David Powlison

REFORMING MY MIND has a number of free mp3 downloads including book reviews written by David Powlison.

David Powlison articles from 'The 48 Files'.

See 'Recommended Reading' below


Dr. Richard Ganz

Dr. Ganz's webpage is called Rich Ganz: Biblical Truth and Counseling.

See 'Recommended Reading' below


Dr. Bob Kellemen

Dr. Kellemen's webspage is called RPM Ministries.


Biblical Counselling Australia

BIBLICAL COUNSELLING AUSTRALIA exists to ? Restore Christ and his Word to the work of counselling and ? Recover counselling as a ministry of the church.


Others ...


Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary  BIBLICAL COUNSELING INSTITUTE (BCI).

The CHRISTIAN COUNSELING and EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (CCEF) has as its mission to restore Christ to counselling and restore counselling to the Church. Their YouTube Channel is a must see!

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NOUTHETIC COUNSELORS is a fellowship of Christians who have banded together to promote excellence in Biblical counseling.




Biblical Counseling & Training including thoughts from Mark Deckard (blog).

'PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries' is the ministry of Martin and Deidre Bobgan.

John Piper on the topic of Biblical Counselling.




'The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams' by Winston Smith.

'Christians and the Psychiatric Culture' from 'The Christian Mind'.

FEEDING ON CHRIST has a number of worthwhile "counselling" articles, including an interview with Dr. David Powlison.

'Psychology, Just Another Broken Cistern That Cannot Hold Water' by the Sola Sisters.




'PSYCHOBABBLE' by Richard Ganz. A free mp3 download of this book to listen to is available via Sermon Audio. You can download a free copy of  Chapter 5 here.


'COUNSEL FROM THE CROSS' by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Dennis E Johnson. Book review by Stephen Cracknell.



'HELPFUL TRUTH IN PAST PLACES' by Mark Deckard (Sample pdf chapter HERE).

'PSYCHOLOGIZED MAN' by Martha Peace.

'SEEING WITH NEW EYES: Counseling and the Human Condition Through the Lens of Scripture' by David Powlison (sample pdf Chapter 1 on this site).






Article can be downloaded: 'Depression' by Dr Ed Welch (Australian Presbyterian Magazine).

Download MP3 talk by Jay Adams called 'Handling Depression'.

Book and MP3 Review - 'Spiritual Depression' by Dr. Lloyd Jones.

Book - 'Trouble of Mind and the Disease of Melancholy' by Timothy Rogers.



 'Forgiveness in the Bible and in Pop Psychology' by Jerry Jarman (CRI).



Homosexuality and the Christian by Terry Allen (Christian Faith)

Living Hope Ministries.

Living Out is a website by a group of Evangelical Christians who experience same-sex attraction but want to share Biblical resources about Christianity and address the issue same-sex attraction according to holiness.

Matt Chandler's Seminar on Homosexuality. Highly recommended.

Resources Dealing with Homosexuality (Truthbomb Apologetics).


Sexual Issues:

Doing Sex God’s Way. A blog by Patricia Weerakoon, an evangelical Christian 'sexologist' (yes, you read that right!).




CCEF has a page with many articles and RESOURCES for counsellors. Their TALKS covering a broad range of counselling topics can be downloaded for a very small fee.

 Drive By Biblical Counselling (1 and 2) are downloadable courses that are very reasonably priced. DETAILS: “Drive By Biblical Counselling seeks to equip you and your local church to do what our ancestors used to call "soul care." Drive By Biblical Counselling will introduce you to the amazing, thoughtful, profound, world of Biblical counselling and equip you to be obedient to the Biblical command to counsel one another (Col. 3:16). OVER ONE DOZEN PRESENTERS FROM THE ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED BIBLICAL COUNSELLORS. MORE THAN 25 HOURS OF CONTENT WITH COMPLETE PDF SPEAKER NOTES AND OUTLINES.” (Wretched)




Theophostic: God’s Light or Satan’s Lie? by Rob Furlong (Lookout)




BIBLICAL COUNSELLING AUSTRALIA exists to restore Christ and his Word to the work of counselling and recover counselling as a ministry of the church.



Buchek Counseling

Koinonia Christian Counseling

Metroplex Counseling

Ritz Counseling and Associates



MP3 DOWNLOADS (see above for more MP3 downloads)

'The Pastor's Counseling Ministry' with David Powlison.

'Should a Christian be Able to Counsel' by Jay Adams. The audio isn't the best but the talk is essential listening. Free mp3 download or just listen.

Talks on Counselling by Dr. George Scipione (he appears in a video below).




A good video called 'Pastoral Counselling' can be found HERE.




'Causality and Counseling'. David Powlison and Nancy Guthrie talk about what distinguishes a particularly Christian approach to counseling.(Gospel Coalition).

'How to Find a Trusted Counselor' with David Powlison, interviewed by Nancy Guthrie. This is MUST viewing! (Gospel Coalition).

'When Men Counsel Women'. David Powlison interviews Nancy Guthrie (Gospel Coalition).


 'What is Biblical Counseling' with Stephen Goode


'People Really Can Change' with Dr. George C. Scipione 


'How Does Biblical Counseling View Psychiatric Drugs?' with David Powlison