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 'BE THINKING' has a wonderful page called: 'YOUR COURSE. Christian approaches to whatever subject you are studying.' The assumptions that lie behind what we are taught are often non-Christian. How can we ensure that our studying honours God? How can we survive studying in a secular environment?

  'BE THINKING' also has an excellent page called: 'RIGHT + WRONG': Morality and ethics'. Where do ideas of right and wrong come from? Is the Bible’s teaching on morality still relevant? How do we respond to all the contemporary ethical issues that the Bible doesn’t mention?





 We have a dedicated page for YEARS 9 and 10 PDHPE HERE






Too many resources for Studies of Religion so we have created a new page! Just go HERE!









Christian History - General

Historical people you should know Charles H. Spurgeon; John Huss; John Wesley; John Wycliffe; Martin Luther; Ulrich Zwingli

YEAR 10 HISTORY (NSW) has its very own page.






AUSAUD Australian Government Overseas Aid

ACFID Australian Council for International Development

GLOBAL EDUCATION Australia's Aid Program

AID WATCH is an independent membership-based watchdog on aid, trade and debt.

Using Aid Data:

'How to create a table [database] in Excel 2007' by Greg Harvey

Excel Magic Trick #184: Setup Database in Excel (YOUTUBE)



BOARD OF STUDIES: Online Multiple Choice - Australian Geography, Civics and Citizenship

Revision Wikis (use with caution) - TSC Learrning





King David

Mary - mother of Jesus

Paul - the apostle






 The Tabernacle



Here is a good exercise! Watch the full movie called 'AMISH GRACE'. Then discuss this movie in light of Chris Braun's view of Forgiveness HERE. You can take a 'Forgiveness Quiz' as well! (We also have a very good teaching series on Forgiveness HERE).









Drag 'n drop memory verses








The Wonder of Life for school students from Choices of Life.







ALBERT EINSTEIN is a site dedicated to students of science. It has been designed by one of the "CHRISTIAN FAITH' guys who just happens to teach science in High School!