Freedom Climb 2015 ….

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.  Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.” Prov. 31:8-9 NLT

  • 7 climbs (Sydney, Wodonga, Armidale (NSW), Auckland, Brisbane, Tongariro Alpine Crossing and Melbourne);
  • 5 movie nights (‘Nefarious’ and ‘Not Today’);
  • 1 breakfast;
  • 2 International Climbs (Table Mountain, South Africa and Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia);
  • 12 x monthly prayer calendars sent out;
  • over $63,000 raised and disbursed to anti trafficking and anti slavery projects in: India, Cambodia,
    Zambia, France, Bangladesh and the Thai Burma Border…

We are seeing awareness, prayer, funds and advocacy happening!

Freedom Climb is a ministry of OM aiming to combat human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

An Impossible Steep Climb

Freedom Climb raises funds and awareness through Global and Local climbs. Climbs are a way of identifying with those trapped in slavery who have a seemingly impossible climb to freedom.

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We have three basic goals:

  1. Raise awareness about human trafficking and modern-day slavery
  2. Mobilise believers in prayer against trafficking and slavery
  3. Raise finances and workers for OM projects around the world serving in these areas.


Projects that benefit from the finances focus on one or more of the following:

  • Prevention
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Developmental Programs



Tongariro Crossing: On 1st December 2013, 22 women hiked the 19.4km Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The hike proved harrowing with steep drops and dangerous winds. As the climb was impacted by inclement weather, a second climb was held on March 1st 2014 for those who couldn’t make the 2013 rescheduled climb. A further 16 people climbed and were impacted as they heard about the issues.

Melbourne: In May over 50 ladies were served a delicious breakfast by a dozen men as they heard about anti-human trafficking initiatives in Africa. The following day, May 25th, the first Melbourne Freedom Climb took place at the Iconic ‘Thousand Steps’. 

Brisbane: The first Brisbane Freedom climb took place on August 2nd with over 45 men, women and children gathering at the base of Mount Gravatt and climbing the balloon marked trail.  Each climber carried a specific story of an oppressed child or woman and wrote the word “Freed” across their story on arrival at the top.

Auckland:  110 men, women and children climbed five volcanoes (Domain, Mt Eden, Mt Hobson, Mt St Johns and One Tree Hill) in Auckland’s inaugural Freedom Climb on Saturday 16th August, and heard of those unable to climb out of their circumstances on their own. 
Of special mention were twelve residents from an organisation for people with intellectual disabilities. “It is a bit ambitious for our people to complete the whole 16km climb,” said a staff member. “Can we be involved in a team capacity and complete the climb in relay fashion?” 

Armidale: On August 30th, 28 trekkers (including a 15 week old baby!) climbed the stunning Cathedral Rock an hour outside Armidale, NSW. With the view obscured though thick mist, symbolising the fog many people live in, climbers prayed against injustice at the summit.

Sydney: On a magnificent spring Sunday afternoon on 14th September, over 85 people joined the Coogee Coastal walk. Pink and silver balloons marked the route and participants wore pink armbands. 'It is not about the height of the climb, but about the depth of the problem’ was the message as the crowd heard about the needs and opportunities pertaining to OM's work in Bangladesh.

Albury/Wodonga: More than 90 people took part in the 2nd Huon Hill climb on September 20th, in Wodonga, Victoria. A sausage sizzle at the top was the venue for the climbers to hear about issues pertaining to slavery and exploitation.



In 2012, 48 women from 10 countries climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and in 2013, 45 women from 13 countries hiked to Mt. Kala Patthar just above Everest Base Camp. They were supported by 18 intercessors in Kathmandu who saw great answers to their prayers as human traffickers were caught the day the team summited!

Rising 4,095.2m above sea level Mount Kinabalu sits just outside Kota Kinabalu and in February this year, 30 OM leaders took two days to summit.  The final ascent took place in the early hours of the second day beginning in the dark at 2:30am!

From October 7 – 12, 2014 over 200 people gathered outside Cape Town to take part in the Global Freedom Climb. Climbers had an option of a Family stream or a Challenge Stream, and joined together in the evenings for a justice seminar. Participants heard from people set free from rape, prostitution and poverty, and were impacted and challenged to make a difference.

The event culminated in the ascent of Table Mountain followed by a prayer night for the issues globally.




The movie ‘Nefarious’ was shown to audiences in Auckland, Armidale, Albury and Sydney, where people were impacted as they heard about the issues exposed in the movie.

The movie ‘Not Today’ was shown in Boonah, Queensland where information about the needs and ministry in India was shared.




CAMBODIA: Project Freedom

Intervention programs, training and counselling for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking

Child prostitution has made Cambodia an international destination for paedophiles.  For girls who escape the brothels, the anguish of being victimised lingers and can require years of counselling.
Project Freedom provides counselling, child intervention and Community preventative programmes and domestic violence intervention. 



Education for at-risk children, medical and dental care, potable water and community transformation

On the edge of the jungle on the Thai-Myanmar border is a village where approximately 1,800 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) live. These people escaped ethnic cleansing and established this village.

130 village children attend our Christian school, which provides education, medical and dental care, clean water, daily milk and a nutritious meal each week decreasing the susceptibility and vulnerability of these children being trafficked and exploited.

GHANA: Child Trafficking – Prevention
Education for rural children, empowering communities to stand against human trafficking through advocacy and awareness

Rural Ghana is particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Many children are trafficked before the age of 12 for child labour and/or sexual exploitation.

Our goal is to create awareness and through advocacy focusing on at-risk children: the fatherless, abused children and those who have been trafficked by providing an education.

Empowerment through computer skills and tailoring for women, and education for children

Poorer families tend to marry their daughters off young and, as their bodies are not equipped to cope with pregnancy, fistulas and other complications can develop. Young brides feel ashamed of their situation and failure. OM offers tailoring and computer training so these girls can earn a living and have dignity, and help them get jobs or start businesses.

Lack of education in rural Bangladesh leads to children working in brick factories, fireworks factories or rolling and gluing cigarettes.  They get paid per cigarette rolled – a pittance for hard, smelly, demeaning work. 

OM runs primary schools where children can receive an education. Going to school opens up a whole new horizon not just for the children but for the whole family.

ZAMBIA: Tabitha - Development

Adult literacy and skills training for women

Women from rural areas are often uneducated or illiterate and unable to generate an income. Some are the sole providers for their families and face obstacles in caring for their children and extended families. Equipping them with skills enables them to break the poverty cycle, adding to their self-worth.
The Tabitha project provides literacy, catering, beading, knitting and tailoring training. Skills development decreases the vulnerability for marginalised women and their children being forced into the sex industry and other forms of slavery.

FRANCE: Rescue and Rehabilitation
Hope for women caught in human-trafficking and prostitution

France is a destination for many international women working as prostitutes. In the last three years, OM has provided practical help, support, clothes, food, advocacy and legal intervention and friendship for over 300 of these women.

Awareness, training, safe houses and a hope for a better tomorrow

India is a source, destination,
and transit country for human trafficking, forced
labour and sexual exploitation. Half of the world’s human trafficking
victims reside in India. Numbering 250-300 million, the Dalit people are victims of centuries-long, socially sanctioned slavery.

Although illegal, young girls are still dedicated to a goddess, sold for sex when they reach puberty and condemned to a life of ritualised prostitution. Our prevention and awareness program links to community transformation to stop this abhorrent practice through education, information and legal action where necessary. With four shelters for rescued girls, OM provides a safe place,
counselling, medical care, and skills training to give hope for a job and a better future.

NEPAL: Channels of Hope
Training AIDS workers to touch the lives of those living with HIV and AIDS

AIDS workers must not only combat the virus, but misinformation as well. Our AIDS training teaches facts about HIV and AIDS, allowing workers to address their own attitudes and enabling them to offer a compassionate Christian response.


2015 Freedom Climb is growing!

  • We invite you to be part of what God is doing through Freedom Climb in 2015!
  • Gala dinners in Melbourne and Auckland
  • Regional climbs in Adelaide, Auckland, Armidale (NSW), Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and Wodonga – stay tuned for more…
  • A National Corporate climb in Victoria
  • Movie nights and other events

ANNOUNCING: 2015 Europe Trek 

The 2015 Global climb will take place in the beautiful Mount Blanc range in France and Switzerland in July 2015. E-mail for information about the ‘Summer Haute Trek’. Numbers are limited.


What can YOU do to join us in making a difference?


·                     Follow us on Facebook – ‘Freedom Climb Australia’

·                     Sign up for the monthly prayer update

·                     Join a local climb as a climber or pray-er

·                     Join the 2015 International climb (July - Mont Blanc, France)

·                     Join a working group to plan a climb or event in YOUR area

·                     Sponsor a climber on one of the climbs

·                     Donate to projects on line

·                     Join a vision trip to visit projects (Bangladesh: February 2015)

·                     Raise awareness:

§   Organise a movie night

§   Organise a meal and share about the issues

§   Invite a speaker to share about the issues at your church/school/youth/Bible Study

§    Sponsor a child in India

Freedom Climb resources available for sale:

·                     ‘Knowing God and Doing Justice’ Bible Study ($15 for 9 week course)

·                     Prayer Booklet ($5)

·                     Nefarious ($22)

·                     Freedom Climb tee-shirt ($20)

·                     Bracelet made in our India projects so you can share the story ($10)


Dream with us: how can your skills and expertise help? We would love to hear from you!

Visit Freedom Climb Website for information about any of these events and resources or to plan a climb or event in your area email


Join us to making a difference in 2015!