General Information


The excellent links here will help you to examine the teachings of cults, the occult & 'isms'.


ALL ABOUT GOD has information on cults such as JW's; Mormons; Christian Science; Jesus Seminar; Unity School of Christianity; Mormons and others.

BE THINKING has a page on various 'isms' - especially Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE has been involved in researching for nearly 50 years.

CULT AWARENESS GROUP is an independent group, not affiliated with any religious organisation. Not all groups researched are destructive cults ... other "isms" are mentioned.

CULTS by Paul Seiler (Christian Library Australia)!

EASTERN REGIONAL WATCH is, again, a broad collection of information on cults and religions.

A HANDBOOK OF TODAY'S RELIGIONS by Josh McDowell is a classic and a summary of the book can be found HERE (pdf).

INSTITUTE FOR RELIGIOUS RESEARCH investigates "’s religious claims in light of history, science and the Bible".

JCSM has a list of cults/occult and fringe groups. Use with caution.

LOOKOUT is an Australian cult network. Their broad range of articles can be viewed free & they have very useful tracts as well which can be downloaded in pdf format. Adrian van Leen has been a very faithful minister in this area for many, many years.

NEW RELIGIONS & CULTS include the main cults.

PROBE MINISTRIES has an extensive list and explanation of various cults and religions.

RELIGION FACTS is a very broad research site aiming to give free, factual information about religion. It favours no-one apparently, but is a very useful research site!

SPIRITUAL RESEARCH NETWORK helps to equip Christians in "counter-cult, apologetic and spiritual discernment issues". They do it very well!

STEVEN HASSEN is a world authority on cults and other groups that are of great concern. This website is very extensive. It's of particular help to researchers and concerned citizens in general. He specialises in rescuing loved ones from cults.

XRYSOSTOM Christian and non-Christian resources and links. In fact, lots and lots of! Useful for research.

 WATCHMAN FELLOWSHIP "is an independent Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult and the New Age."

WORLD RELIGIONS INDEX exists to equip Christians to understand other religions & cults.




APOLOGETICS RESOURCE CENTER has some articles on Aberrant Christianity, Environmentalism, The Family, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, New Age/Occult, Harry Potter, Yoga, Alternative Medicine, Scientology, Unity School of Christianity and Wicca.

BIDERMAN'S CHART OF COERCION " a tool developed to explain the methods used to break the will or brainwash a prisoner of war". It is also useful as a tool to understand coercive techniques in cults. Also available as a pdf HERE.




AJ Miller – he is not the Messiah! by Terry Allen




Communication and the Gospel Message

The Dangers Cults Pose through the World-Wide-Web (re: Tim Berners-Lee)

The Dark Page The need to be aware and HOW to be aware!

Internet Impact

It does matter what you believe! 

Life's Complexities

The world's most pervasive cult




WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Examining the differences between Christianity & cults, Christianity & world religions, and Baptists & denominations (219 pages).

A HANDBOOK OF TODAY'S RELIGIONS by Josh McDowell is a classic and a summary of the book can be found HERE (pdf).




"Cults: Dangerous Devotion - Part 1" (Decoding the Past) SMH TV. This is a secular look at cults.


VIDEO: Seven Keys To Conversing With Cultists - Ronald C. Rhodes (Dallas Theological Seminary)