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The following websites are very important. Why? Because we all have questions about the "Christian faith" don't we? In some cases below, you can even ask your own questions. Spend some time here ... there is much to be gained. Also, check out our APOLOGETICS SECTION.



ALWAYS BE READY has a good collection of most-often-asked-questions and - yes, some answers!

ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS is a ministry of the very faithful RBC Ministries - many of you use their daily devotional "Our Daily Bread"

BIBLE AND THEOLOGY QUESTIONS is connected to 'Christian Answers.net' but has a very useful alphabetical, topical index on the page.

CHRISTIAN ANSWERS Respected Christian ministries join together to tackle your tough questions about life and the Christian faith.

CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS & RESEARCH MINISTRY  CARM is a very well structured website - very clear to follow and well worth the effort.

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE has been involved in researching for nearly 50 years.

CLARIFYING CHRISTIANITY attempts to make it easy to understand Christianity and the Bible, explain the apparent contradictions, and reveal its relevance to today’s world.

FAITH FACTS ..."is a non-denominational ministry focusing on Christian apologetics and theology."

GOT QUESTION.ORG. was recommended by one of our readers.

LIBERTY ONLINE  (Baptist University) allows people to ask questions online.

SHORT ANSWERS TO BIG QUESTIONS is a new project by RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) with a video answer emphasis (Youtube/Vimeo)

TOUGH QUESTIONS ANSWERED is an evangelical response to a lot of questions!

WAY TO GOD has some answers to some important basic questions.





Killing of the Canaanites

The Amalekite genocide by John Allister (Briefing)

How can a God of love orchestrate Killings in the Old Testament? by Paul Copan.

Also, see a related article called: 'We Don’t Hate Sin. So We Don’t Understand What Happened To The Canaanites'



Did Jesus teach us not to judge others? ('M and M': Matthew and Madeleine Flannagan).

“Is Jesus the Creator God?”



'Who created God?' - Good question or not?? by Stephen Cracknell (Christian Faith)

Who Made God? by Mike Licona

If God knew people would sin why did He make them? (CARM). See also Got Questions? and AIG.




THEOPEDIA is an online encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity. Highly recommended.

ALL ABOUT GOD has an exhaustive topical area that will amaze you!