Intelligent Design and Theistic Evolution


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'Intelligent Design' as an explanation for the origins of life is a growing 'movement' worldwide. It originated, among other reasons, because modern research into biological structures were deemed far too complex to be accounted for by the theory of evolution i.e. natural selection via chance random processes. The scientific 'truth' was leading elsewhere.



WHAT IS INTELLIGENT DESIGN? Mark Hartwig may be able to help you get started. He has listed some books on the left hand side of this page that make for very compelling reading.




ACCESS RESEARCH NETWORK Outstanding website for those interested in finding out more about intelligent design - really superb!

THE DISCOVERY INSTITUTE is really a think tank promoting a scientific view of origins that bears all the hallmarks of intelligent design. A collection of Christians & others, they certainly are well qualified in science and other disciplines.

FAITH and EVOLUTION is all about faith and evolution! Lots of articles, debates, video, audio, discussion questions and other free resources exploring the issues of faith and evolution.

FAITH INTERFACE is a discussion between science, philosophy and Christianity. It also has a long list of good apologetics sites. It's a very impressive Australian website.

4TRUTH has a collection of very interesting articles.

 ID.PLUS belongs to Peter Williams in the UK and it is loaded with Intelligent Design info!

SCIENCE AND ETHICS - JOHN LENNOX is a Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. His website is outstanding with excellent videos on important issues.

UNCOMMON DESCENT has some very good articles & visuals.




INTELLIGENT DESIGN and EVOLUTION AWARENESS CENTER (IDEA) has an excellent collection of articles on their excellent site.

The 'PHILLIP E. JOHNSON PAGE' features many articles from one of the most significant figures of the "Intelligent Design Movement'.

'Three scientific phenomena that point to a designed universe' by Dr. Walter L. Bradley (Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Baylor)




Stephen Meyer and R.C. Sproul talk about Intelligent Design, Philosophy and Education. An article and video.




Professor John Lennox (Cambridge University) was interviewed recently on ABC Radio. MP3 and transcript can be downloaded.



VIDEO interviewed Mike Behe about his book "The Edge of Evolution". Caused quite a stir! John McWhorter (interviewer) had his bottom spanked for being too honest!

PROGRAMMING OF LIFE is a fantastic, modern and high quality movie (44mins)! Also, some interesting facts on this website about how life is just so awesome!




Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. (CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY). This multimedia section brings webpages (HTML); Adobe PDF (PDF); PowerPoint (PPT); MP3 audio (MP3), Windows Media Audio (WMA) and video (streaming) from Faraday Lectures, discussions and Faraday Research Seminars together on one page.




REASONS TO BELIEVE is the website of Hugh Ross, et al.

TAKE TWO is a blog by Sandra and Maureen. They are full time editors of the popular website Reasons to Believe.

'The Trouble with Theistic Evolution' (Stand to Reason)'


As you are aware, not all Christians hold to a “young” earth. They propose that the universe is billions of years old. WILLIAM LANE CRAIG explains why: