Jewish Evangelism


WEBSITES - Australia

CHRISTIAN WITNESS TO ISRAEL is a well respected Australian ministry to our Jewish friends - that they may come to believe in the Jewish Messiah.

JEWS FOR JESUS is also an Australian outreach to Jewish folk. For those in other countries, you can access your country's JEWS FOR JESUS organisation via our link.



WEBSITES - General

REACHING ISRAEL has advice on evangelising Jewish people.

ALWAYS BE READY has a collection of articles on Jewish Evangelism




CHRISTIAN WITNESS TO ISRAEL including a very useful ONLINE PUBLICATIONS section (pdf):

  • Besorah is a new study guide consisteing of ten studies written with a Jewish audience in mind. 
  • ONE16 is CWI’s free online theological journal. 
  • Voices from the Past are sermons preached by Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Charles H Spurgeon and Horatius Bonar on the question of Israel, the Jewish people and the Church's responsibility towards them.

 SEARCHING THE SCROLL. Download the scroll from a group of believers and followers of Yeshua/Jesus, with both Jewish and other backgrounds who are interested in discussing what the Scriptures are teaching about God, and who is the suffering servant mentioned in this scroll as revealed by God through the prophet Yeshayahu/Isaiah!


SHALOM MINISTRIES are a group of Jewish and gentile people who believe in Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth





TZEDAKAH MINISTRIES exists to 'provide Christians with the Scriptural knowledge, spiritual resources and practical applications for the presentation of the Gospel to the Jewish People and to provide for the discipleship of new Jewish believers'.




'Some Tips in Sharing the Messiah with Jewish People' (Ratio Christi Ohio State University)