Joel Osteen


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JOEL OSTEEN, born and bred in the USA, exerts a growing influence on many people in that country as well as many here in Australia; in fact, Hillsong (Sydney) invited him to speak at a their conference in 2009 - we are still not sure why.

We, at Christian Faith, are very concerned about Joel's Gospel. It is not the Gospel of the New Testament. Therefore, you will find the links below very helpful.




Joel Osteen and Flying Pigs by Rob Donnelly




Michael Horton has critiqued Osteen's book 'Become a Better You.' 

 Joel Osteen (A Profile) by Robert M. Bowman, Jr (Watchman Fellowship). This can be read online and/or saved as a pdf.

"Joel Osteen Answers His Critics" by 60 Minutes (USA). Includes an article & video.

Michael Horton has penned a very useful article on Osteen called Joel Osteen & the Glory Story: A Case Study

Joel Osteen With Word Faith Movement is an article written by Ken Silva. Other articles are available including Joel Osteen: Apprising His Word Faith Teachings.

Pigs Fly - Osteen's view on Food laws and Mormonism.

Your Best Life Now: Seven Steps to Living at Your Full Potential. A Summary Critique by Bob Hunter




THEOPEDIA has a must look section on Joel Osteen.

APOLOGETICS INDEX is a good research site with a range of comments from the public.




See our Product Review: "Christless Christianity" by Michael Horton.




FALSE TEACHERS .COM has a collection of videos on Osteen.



Todd Friel Holds Joel Osteen to the Bible (1of2) . In this video, Friel critiques Osteen's book "Become a Better You."