Multiple Web Links



AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN LOBBY has a very interesting, and varied, links page of Christian Organisations.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH features very useful multiple links including Spiritual Growth, Articles, Conferences, other Churches, Seminaries, Missions and Associations.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (USA) include links to apologetics, authors on-line, children & family friendly, various churches, colleges & seminaries, creation & evolution, cults, denominations, financial, magazines & news, organisations, publishers/software, search engines (Christian & secular), miscellaneous stuff.

HERITAGE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY has a collection of a variety of very interesting and worthwhile links.

REFORMED BIBLIOPHILE also has a collection of a variety of very interesting and worthwhile links.

REFORMING MY MIND has an enormous collection of links - too many to mention - including MP3 sermons to download.

TRUTH ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE includes dedicated pages such as 'Christian Life', 'Apologetics', 'Eschatology', 'The Afterlife' and 'Theology'.

XRYSOSTOM. Various links, search engines, communities, web help and graphics.




Please use the following sites with a measure of discernment:

BEST CHRISTIAN WEBSITES is a mixed bag we grant you BUT - some gems glisten very brightly!

CHRISTIAN FAITH DOWNLOADS has a large collection of sites - many are very good.

CHRISTIAN WEBSITE DIRECTORY has a large collection of sites. Use with discernment.

CHRISTIAN WEBSITE. There are 81448 links for you to choose from!

CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW LINKS are a collection of very interesting links from Probe Ministries.

CHRISTIAN DIRECTORY: includes Bible study, Bible reading plans, Online Bibles, Bible Commentaries, Online Movies, Music, Lyrics, Radio, Devotionals, Webmasters, FREE ChristianTop 100, FREE Recommended links & other links.

FREE CHRISTIAN RESOURCES has a lot of free stuff - some good (really good); some, well - forget it!


 ONCE UPON A CROSS is described as... "A Site for the New  Generation of Christian Reformers".

ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN RESOURCES: includes Christian websites, Christian search engines & Christian news.

UK CHRISTIAN WEB has too many topic and links to mention.

WE SPREAD THE WORD. There are 6194 links for you to choose from!