'I Am' song by Eddie James

'I Am' Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I Am the Lord, I'm the Almighty God
I Am the One for whom nothing is too hard
I Am the Shepherd and I Am the Door
I Am the Good News to the bound and the poor

I Am, I Am
I Am, I Am

[Verse 2]
I Am the Righteous One and I Am the Lamb
I Am the Ram in the bush for Abraham
I Am the ultimate Sacrifice for sin
I Am your Redeemer, the Beginning and the End

I Am, I Am
I Am, I Am

[Verse 3]
I Am Jehovah (choir sings)
And I Am the King
I Am Messiah, David's offspring
I Am your High Priest and I Am the Christ
I Am the Resurrection, I Am the Light

(choir sings)

I Am, I Am
I Am, I Am

[Verse 4] (2x)
I Am the Bread and I Am the Wine (2nd time, choir sings)
I Am your Future so leave your past behind
I Am the One in the midst of two or three
I Am your Tabernacle, I Am your Jubilee (2nd time, choir sings)

I Am, I Am
I Am, I Am

I Am Hope, I Am Peace, I Am Joy, I Am Rest
I Am your Comfort and Relief from your stress
I Am Strength, I Am Faith, I Am Love, I Am Power
I Am your Freedom this very hour!

You're my Hope, You're my Peace, You're my Joy, You're my Rest
You are my Comfort,
You're Relief from my stress
You're my Strength, You're my Faith, You're my Love, You're my Power
You are my Freedom this very hour!


I will follow Him



Oh Happy Day


Oh happy day
Oh happy day
When Jesus washed
Oh when he washed
When Jesus washed
Jesus washed
Washed my sins away
Oh happy day!

He taught me how
To wash
Fight and pray
Fight and pray
And live rejoicing every day

Every day!


 Days of Elijah


Have you seen the light?