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BEST CHRISTIAN YOUTUBE VIDEOS according to Inspiring Christian Video Ministries.

CENTRE FOR PUBLIC CHRISTIANITY is an Australian website with excellent online videos from John Dickson, Greg Clarke and others.

THE FEED TRUST have some very good videos (mp3 and pdf) featuring Professor John Lennox and Gilbert Lennox.

GODTUBE has a large variety of 'spiritual' videos in the same style as Youtube. Some good, some ....!!

GOODFIGHT MINISTRIES seeks to expose the cultural influences that are all too pervasive e.g. popular music and movies; occult and books. Their online video section is very illuminating!

GOSPEL COALITION 2009 CONFERENCE "Entrusted With The Gospel". Speakers include Piper, Dever, Keller, Driscoll, Mahaney, Carson, et al!

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY (Baptist) has a very useful collection of online videos.

PROCLAMATION TRUST  Tim Keller interviewed, talks by Vaughan Roberts, David Jackman and others. Proclamation Trust Mp3s. Many solid evangelical preachers. eg. DA Carson, Paul Barnett, Hugh Palmer, etc.


 RC SPROUL teaching series:

  • The Intimate Marriage
  •  Silencing the Devil
  • What is Reformed Theology?

SOUTHEASTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. Various videos you can watch online.

STAND TO REASON has linked their online videos to Youtube.

TRUTH ACCORDING TO SCPRIPTURE has an extensive library of video resources on a broad range of topics. Excellent!

ULTIMATE TUBE is a dedicated Christian video website BUT will certainly require discernment!

WRETCHED WITH TODD FRIEL has a collection of very good dedicated YOUTUBE videos called the Wretched Channel. Must see folks!

YES HE IS is a broad collection of Christian videos. Some are excellent, some are ...well, not so good! Worth the effort to at least have a look.





... is a visual exploration of God's revelations in chronological order and can be viewed via Real Player and/or Windows Media.




CPX is the Centre for Public Christianity.




Christian Media Productions (CMP) aims to serve the world by announcing and teaching people that Jesus Christ is Lord and forgiveness of sins is available for those who put their trust in Him.

Dr Al Mohler Videos (Samuel Zwemer Theological Seminary).

Grace to You featuring the preaching of Dr. John Macarthur.

 Katoomba Christian Convention - Australia.

Solid Food Media is a ministry of Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Features the preaching/teaching of Bob Glenn (gifted Christian communicator).

Westminster Seminary CA Good teaching and ‘chats’ from sound teachers  including Michael Horton.

White Horse Inn is one of our favourite podcasts. This channel features excellent videos that are consistent with the White Horse Inn radio broadcasts. 




CHRISTIAN MULTIMEDIA is an Australian ministry where excellent multimedia can be purchased at reasonable costs. For example, RC Sproul DVD's are available via this ministry.

HIGHWAY MEDIA has been around since 1995 with a desire to bring the good news of Christ to a new and different generation.

JOHN ANKERBERG has a good selection of MPEG4 videos to download at a small cost.