Podcast: Renewing Your Mind

RC Sproul, in my humble opinion, was the best Bible/Theological teacher I have ever heard (he recently passed away).

OK; that’s a really big wrap I know and there’s always a personal bias attached to a statement like that.

But he was a very gifted Bible teacher and this podcast is really, really good.

Read on …


The first time I came across RC (as he is known) was a panel discussion I once listened to some years ago called 'Irreconcilable Differences.'

The panel consisted of John Macarthur, the late James Kennedy and RC – hosted very capably by John Ankerberg.

They were discussing the differences between Catholicism and Evangelicalism and the then current debate about an ecumenical venture designed to build bridges between Catholics and Protestants.

The subject was tricky but needed clear Bible based leadership, with love.

All the men involved were impressive, very impressive but it was RC’s ability to explain complex theological concepts with clarity and expertise that stood out powerfully.

Well, that was then and I have connected with RC’s ministry many times since then – especially via Ligonier Ministries and various DVD's.

Renewing Your Mind is brilliant – so very, very impressive.

It is a collection of RC’s radio Bible ministry that has helped millions of people. A daily broadcast, RC covers a lot of different subjects including Q&A's.

Renewing Your Mind can be accessed free via Ligonier , iTunes or OnePlace: this includes video broadcasts.

I heartily recommend it to you without any hesitation; in fact, why not take the time to watch/listen the video below - it's well worth it!