Podcast: The White Horse Inn

When you think of an 'inn' you normally think of a resting place for travellers - a hotel; that is, a pub. So is this what we are recommending on our site?

I think not!

But we do recommend the 'White Horse Inn' as a place to go to and to spend some very worthwhile time; being encouraged as to who we are in Jesus.

Podcasts (mp3) here are very, very special ...


The 'White Horse Inn' is essentially the teaching radio broadcasts of Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary) but don't let that scare you - he speaks normal un-academic English. We have previewed 2 of Horton's books on this site (Christless Christianity and The Gospel Driven Life).

However, Horton has some interesting mates on his broadcast radio show. Well mostly, he sometimes interviews very interesting people such as our very own Graham Goldsworthy.

This is a great podcast. Why? Apart from the occasional interviews (which are fantastic), Horton engages in a panel discussion with Kim Riddlebarger, Rod Rosenbladt, and Ken Jones - all engaging Christian Bible teachers. Find out more about them HERE.

These learned Bible lads attend 3 different denominations but are passionately united in their love of Jesus and, therefore, the Gospel.

The 'White Horse Inn' bears it name form the original 'White Horse Inn' in the UK. Various Christians would meet there and discuss the latest evangelical teachings being birthed in Europe. The Reformation doctrines, centred in the Bible, were discussed and debated at the Inn.

So it is with these podcasts. They are aimed at the 'malnourished' and the 'misled'; but that's not all. They are wonderful broadcasts to listen to in order to hear very sound doctrine discussed in a genuinely enthusiastic manner.

We recommend these podcasts very highly - great Bible teaching from people who actually know their Bibles!

To subscribe for free podcasts of 'The White Horse Inn' or to simply listen to the radio broadcasts, then simply press on the logo just on the left.

 In fact, you can even watch video as well.

"Know What You Believe and Why You Believe It"