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Pornography is not only a multi-billion dollar industry but can lead people into "porn addictions". This addiction continues to cause pain and misery worldwide. It's important to know how to insidious this evil is, and how to overcome it.

Pornography addiction can be defeated!!!





9 Ways to Fight the Temptation of Pornography by BJ Stockman (Resurgence)

The Briefing has a number of helpful articles:Why I Hate Pornography; The Porn Problem; Undressing Pornography.

'The Effects of Porn on the Male Brain' by William M. Struthers (CRI)

'Facing Up To the Porn Plague' by Bill Muehlenberg

MINISTRY & PRACTICAL HELP is especially helpful.

Porn Addiction - A Problem? From 'All About Life Challenges'.

Porn Addiction – Waging War ; Porn Addiction Help - A Personal Story ;  From 'All About Love'.

'Porn-Free Church: Sex, God, and the Gospel' by Tim Chester (Gospel Coalition)





'Fears that early exposure to porn will lead to greater risk of disease later' by Rachel Browne (SMH)

'The problem with porn' by Michael Short (SMH)

'Why more and more women are using internet porn' by Tanith Carey (SMH)





Porn Again Christian: author- Mark Driscoll. Also available online and as a 'pdf'. Free download. Do it!





ALWAYS BE READY is a helpful site with articles, and recommended downloadable software for the PC and Apple iPhone.

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY has some very helpful articles, helps and resources.

MIKE GENUNG offers some practical advice to defeat the effects of porn.





PINK CROSS FOUNDATION is a ministry of Shelly Luban and her husband.

SHELLY LUBBEN was a former porn actress who knows the industry better than most.

The LINKS page from the above site is very thorough and useful.

TREASURES is a website BY women FOR women.




X3WATCH. A fortnightly report is emailed free to 2 friends.





 10 BEST INTERNET FILTER SOFTWARE REVIEWS (Internet Filter Review). This is a must-see page!

EVER ACCOUNTABLE Highly recommended! This is used by the Editor of this site. It is extremely comprehensive and reports to selected partners just about everything one views on the 'net (including 'Netflix' and 'YouTube' videos). Your 'accountability partners' will know what you are surfing on the 'net as well as time spent on selected sites. The emailed reports are thorough and hold no secrets. Partners will be advised if something warrants their attention. Does not seem to slow computer processes at all and can be used on all your devices for the same cost (monthly or yearly). (Not suitable for Mac and iOS users although they are working on it).







Phillip Jensen (highly respected Australian pastor) discusses pornography.

 Somebody's Daughter DVD (A Journey to Freedom from Pornography)."This six time award winning DVD/documentary Somebody’s Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography focuses on raising awareness of the pervasiveness and destructiveness of pornography as it features the struggle of Christians - it's a testimony that this effects Christians and non-Christians alike."

THE PORN PATH is, in part, a video interview with Crissy, a pastor’s daughter who once worked in the porn industry. Crissy has now become a Christian and with Mark Driscoll, she shares her thoughts about the dangers of porn.





How to Block Porn on Android. If you’re giving an Android device to your kids to use, you probably want to keep them away from adult themed sites. One way to do this is to download a web browser that has filtering options for problems like porn.





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