PowerPoint, Pictures and Wallpaper


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BIBLE HUB has: 1. Free Visuals and 2. Free Facebook covers

iBibleVerses "is a place where Christians can share images of the most inspiring and most touching verses from the Bible. God speaks to us through His word which can help remind us of His love and guide us through tough times. Join us if you want to fill your life with light and truth!"




CHRISTIAN CLIP ART This will be our only post at this stage due to the vast number of links from this site!




TACLUDA's GALLERY is a large compilation of free pictures by Adrian van Leen, retired clergyman, educator, researcher and amateur photographer from Perth, West Australia. See and download some of Adrian’s free photo sharing images for use in websites, power points, blogs, church bulletins, newsletters, publications, promotions and more.

VISUAL BIBLE ALIVE has made their photo bank of religious pictures available, free, to non-commercial users.




 OUTREACH MEDIA has a collection of posters with pdf. download notes.




POWERPOINT presentations can be quite time consuming, and using Microsoft backgrounds can be very predictable if not boring. Check out the websites below - they are all free.

HEARTLIGHT PowerPoint backgrounds (free) can be used in church projection systems and other contexts.

E-BIBLE TEACHER has a broad range of free PowerPoint templates to use.

PROBE POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS are free, and designed with many topics in mind.