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Reiki (pronounced ‘Ray-Key’) is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal life-force energy’.  (Ray p.xvii)  It is a ‘technique for restoring and balancing your natural life-force energy [or ‘Ki’]’.  It claims to be  able  to  prevent diseases and balance energy  leading  to  self-healing  and  the maintenance  of  ‘health and sense of well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually’.   It also supposedly is a ‘unique, highly effective tool for personal transformation, growth, and change’.  (Ray, p.21)  It is the ‘universal life energy, which is channelled by the laying on of hands to heal body, mind and spirit.’  (Napier, p.89)


But what is actually meant by ‘universal force’?

The Japanese ‘ki’ is the same as the Chinese ‘Qi’ or ‘chi’ - though it should be noted that there are several Chinese characters, with slightly different meanings, which may be transliterated as ‘chi’.  Various Chinese and Japanese Masters of the Martial and other Eastern Arts (most related to, or of, a Buddhist origin) refer to the ‘chi’ as a universal, divine, supernatural, all-pervasive energy that is in everything, that is everything.  Some have actually stated that it is what Westerners often refer to as ‘God’.  This notion or viewpoint is similar to the Hindu notion of pantheism, that ‘God is Everything, Everything is God’ - in other words, Creator and Creation are really One and the Same, and therefore everything is Divine.


What do Reiki Masters say about the ‘universal life-force’?

‘In Chinese ki is Chi, in Hindu it is prana, and in English breath and ectoplasm come closest to the essential meaning of ki.  Russian researchers call it bioplasmic energy, Hippocrates called it nature’s life force, the Kahunas called it mana, and Christ called it light.  It has also been called cosmic energy, bioenergy, and vital force....Fire is the element associated with your spirit, and spirit is your life-force energy....The fire words given to Moses by the Burning Bush, “I am that I am,” are for each one of us to be conscious of our connection to the universal life force....Reiki is universal life energy. Reiki is the fire of life. Reiki is light-energy of a higher, less dense order than that of the body emotions and using will be able to realise that this life force is derived from one source while manifesting in a seemingly endless array of unique, outer forms.  To experience wholeness is to experience oneness with all living things - to identify with the cosmic life force- to experience yourself as pure, white light.’  (Ray, pp.20, 33-35)

Paula Horan describes Reiki in almost identical terms to those used by Barabara Ray (Horan, pp.17-19).

Rand claims that ‘the word Rei as it is used in Reiki is more accurately interpreted to mean supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness.  This is the wisdom that comes from God or the Higher Self.  This is the God-Consciousness which is all knowing....Ki is the life force....It is the God-Consciousness called Rei that guides the life force called Ki in the practice we call Reiki.  Therefore Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy.’ (Rand, pp.18-20)

Beth Gray claims that Reiki means ‘universal life energy or soul power.’ (Gray, 1987)

Fran Brown, who claims to have had many personal conversations with Hawayo Takata, states that ‘Reiki means “spirit,” which is to say the Universal Life Force, an energy living through each of us.’  (Brown, p.96)

Western Australian husband and wife Reiki Masters, Brian and Carole Daxter, describe Reiki as: ‘The REI in Reiki, means one song, one tune, one vibration.  It is the pulse, the vibration of the Divine, The Creator, or, if you wish - God.  KI in Reiki, means your own energy.  Your individual vibration irrespective of how you see this energy - or to what level you perceive it to be.  In total - Reiki means - bringing together the Divine vibration with the individual’s personal, physical vibration.  A marriage, or a union, with the Divine essence.’  (Daxter, pp.15-16)



The claims made for Reiki are extra-ordinary - or as some would say, they sound too good to be true, which usually means they ARE!

By balancing the supposed universal life-force energy, Reiki claims to be able to treat all sorts of ailments - from relieving suffering for AIDs patients to healing abrasions; from curing baldness to correcting birth defects.  Some have claimed instantaneous healings from Reiki, and it is claimed to have been used successfully on animals and plants. 

‘WHAT AILMENTS CAN BE TREATED BY REIKI?  Everything!  Simply everything, there are no boundaries to Reiki, only the restrictions we place upon it ourselves…Reiki helps to alleviate pain, stress, insomnia.  Anything you can think of it will help in some way.  However, there is one big “NO-NO”.  That is, if someone has a suspected broken bone do not give Reiki to the break.  The Reiki will set it.  By all means give Reiki once the bone has been repaired.  Reiki can be applied in an area away from the broken bone.’  (Daxter, p.98)

Rand claims, ‘Reiki is both powerful and gentle.  In its long history of use it has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury including serious problems like: multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer as well as skin problems, cuts, bruises, broken bones, headaches, colds, flu, sore throat, sunburn, fatigue, insomnia, impotence, poor memory, lack of confidence, etc.’  (Rand, p.27)  He adds that it can be used for healing unwanted habits - weight problems; cigarette, alcohol and drug addictions, etc.  Simply write down the addiction or problem, along with the Reiki symbol for mental/emotional healing, hold the paper between your hands and apply Reiki to the paper - that will heal your addictions!! (p.34)   He further adds that Reiki, and the Reiki symbol for power, ‘can be used to protect yourself, your car, your home, your children or anything you value.’ (p.33)

Paula Horan has a chapter on ‘Treating Infants, Plants, Animals, Food and Assorted Odds and Ends’ (Horan, pp.113-116).  She assures us that Reiki is a great help in the garden and makes plants grow quicker, greener, and blossom more productively;   animals will gain the same benefits as humans;  crystals and gem stones can be ‘charged’ with energy;  ‘cars and boats [and bicycles]  can also be treated’ (p.115); and of course, you can regain youth and live longer!!

Walter Lubeck explains it further: ‘Flowers of a plant that just drooped sadly can stand cheerfully upright within a few hours solely through Reiki…empty car batteries can be filled up by charging them for 20 minutes with Reiki…However, they will quickly lose their power when the Reiki channel moves so far  away from them that there is no longer contact through the aura….Pests on house plants often fall off the infested plants overnight after they have had just one Reiki treatment…cure stubborn cases of constipation with a few applications of Reiki.  A dog with a serious kidney disease…was permanently healed within two days through Reiki.  The list goes on and on.’  (Lubeck, p.41)

If even half these claims were factually true and consistently reproducible, life would be greatly improved for almost everyone - except the numerous trained, skilled and currently qualified people who would lose their jobs because they were no longer required - everyone from doctors and dentists, gardeners and vets, to mechanics and security company employees!



The majority of people who are involved in the practice of Reiki, to our limited observation, seem mostly to be genuinely caring people who want to be of help to others.  Generally their motivation is beyond question.  However, it seems that a great many have no real idea of what they are dealing with, and don’t really want to know.  Most have vague notions about Christianity - generally equated with being good and holding some sound moral values.  Their understanding of Reiki, spiritism, or many of the additional principles and activities that may surround or be part of Reiki as offered by different practitioners, also often seems equally vague or ill-informed.

Though there is little supportive evidence for the many claims of Reiki effectiveness, apart from anecdotal accounts, such claims that Reiki works are accepted, often without question.

In her introduction to Barbara Ray’s book, Elizabeth Warkentin raises a number of questions and comments, ‘I do not understand the precise nature of this energy.  I do not know the mechanism by which the energy involved has a beneficent effect rather than a harmful one…I do not know…I am particularly mystified….In the face of so many questions, I have only one clear response: whatever the mechanism, Reiki healing works!’ (Ray, pp. xii-xiii)

WHY DOES REIKI WORK?  Why does the Sun shine?  Questioning things, for that is the way we learn, is very healthy.  However how can we question an Intelligent source?  The source of Reiki is Universal and we as human are still trying to fathom out the mysteries.  Isn’t that exciting?  However it really does work!’  (Daxter, p.93)

Such answers are no answers.  And while numerous Reiki promoters assure readers that Reiki is always helpful and positive - this is not really so. There have been people who have been negatively affected by Reiki and the related practices and philosophies.



Reiki works by ‘the laying on of hands’.  Some exponents deny this, preferring to think of it as a ‘hands-on technique’.  It is difficult to know the difference. 

The technique is offered at a series of levels -

Level 1. - energy is  passed  by  direct contact of the hands on the subject.

Level 2. - this level enables the healer to operate  when  absent  from the subject and also offers ‘psychic attunement’. 

Level 3. - at this level practitioners are initiated as Reiki Masters - who can then, in turn, initiate other Masters.    

More difficult healing techniques are taught at higher levels.  Barbara Ray and her T.R.T.A.I. group teach that there are seven degrees or levels.

Reiki is generally performed by placing the hands on certain parts of the body (if this is not practical, it is possible simply to hold the hands up to 5 centimetres above the skin) for prescribed periods. The energy is then enabled to flow and to work its effects.  The Reiki therapist feels a tingling or warmth in his/her hands.  When this ceases, it is time to move the hands to another position.  The trainee is taught to release the energy flow at will. Once the energy transmission is activated, it is his for life - it will not be used up or wear out.  The more it is used, the more readily it will act. 

At CCG Ministries/Lookout our initial contact with Reiki came through relatives of Reiki practitioners and of Reiki patients. 

In several instances women left their husbands and children after being initiated and told, or encouraged to believe, that they now had a healing ministry to perform. 

It seems that these women believed that their ‘healing ministry’ was far more important than husbands and children; more important than family life. Their departure came as a complete surprise to the families in those cases brought to our attention. 

Reiki patients, and families of Reiki patients, have also come to us, reporting disturbing emotional and psychological problems that did not exist prior to Reiki treatment. 



The real history of Reiki is a mixture of fact, fable and fabrication.

It is general claimed that the origins of Reiki are to be found in Tibet thousands of years ago. The knowledge supposedly spread slowly through India and other parts of Asia and reached Rome and Greece. In time, however, it passed into obscurity. 

Legend has it, according to most writers and Reiki masters,  that  during  the  mid-nineteenth  century, Dr  Mikao  Usui, a Christian seminary professor, could not explain the reason why Christians no longer have the healing  power  shown  by  Jesus.  Usui resigned from the seminary and went in search of the answer, travelling first to the United States, then to the east. He eventually discovered the formula for Reiki in Buddhist Sanskrit manuscripts. He took his findings to Japan and began to share the concept with others. Supposedly the technique has been taught in Japan ever since.  American Reiki Master, William Lee Rand claims that checking out the legendary claims about Usui reveal he was NOT a Christian but a Buddhist, who had a mystical experience with a living light energy on Mount Kori-yama, following a period of fasting and Buddhist meditation. (Rand, pp.1-5)

The story has it that in the 1920s Usui trained retired naval officer, Dr Chujiro Hayashi, and just before his death asked Hayashi to take responsibility for carrying on the movement.

Reiki was brought to the west by a Japanese/Hawaiian, Hawayo Takata, in the 1930s. She had been to Japan and there had been healed by Hayashi. In the late 1930s Takata was initiated into the Third Degree and became a Reiki Master - the last one initiated by Hayashi before he died. Takata took the technique back to America, and after some years of apparent inactivity began to popularise the process in the U.S.A. for substantial monetary fees. During the 1970s Takata apparently initiated 22 Reiki Masters. One of these, her grand-daughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, has been regarded as her official ‘lineage bearer’ - successor, the Reiki Grand Master.  

The technique is growing in popularity and is now offered in many countries throughout the Western world. Frequently, it is offered along with numerous other ‘therapies’ including such as Rebirthing and Touch For Health, with which it has many similarities. 



Reiki practitioners trace their powers through a lineage of teachers and masters back to Takata and through her to Usui.

Of the 22 masters initiated by Grand Master Takata one was Barbara Ray, another was Phyllis Lei Furumoto, another was Beth Gray.

Barbara Ray claimed that Takata helped her start the American Reiki Association in August 1980. Takata died in December 1980.  Gary Samer, one of Ray’s Master Teachers in Australia, claimed that Barbara Ray was trained and chosen as Takata’s ‘only successor’ and therefore she is the True Grand Master for today.  Ray later changed her group’s name to American-International Reiki Association, and later again to the T.R.T.A.I. (The RadianceTechnique Association International).  This organisation ‘as co-founded by Mrs Takata is the only organisation in the world that can train properly qualified Real Reiki Master/Teachers….to teach the Real Reiki…Accept no imitations!’ (Samer, 1987)  Chaysten Besso, another of Barbara Ray’s disciples claims that ‘The Reiki that is being taught is an incomplete science of only three levels.  The actual, authentic science has seven levels and corresponds to the seven major chakras…It has taken me a long time to disengage myself from the politics [of Reiki] and it is to everyone’s benefit that Radiance is now seen as being separate…I have suffered a considerable amount of discrimination due to Reiki politics…in some places I’m not even allowed to advertise!’ (Besso, 1994)

Beth Gray travelled more, and arrived in Australia as an initiated master trained by Takata.  One of the people trained by Gray was Barbara McGregor.  McGregor, as publisher of the glossy, professionally published Australian WellBeing Magazine has had a significant impact on the spread of Reiki in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Her media contacts and personal high profile has greatly helped this spread.

McGregor claims that ‘The first Caucasian master teacher [trained by Takata] was Californian, Rev. Beth Gray.’  (McGregor, 1995).  She also declared in an interview: ‘Beth told me that Takata asked her, before she passed over [died], to become the titular head of the Reiki Masters but that she chose not to because she was teaching.’  (McGregor, 1994) These claims are meant to establish McGregor’s qualifications, as well as Gray’s.

While McGregor recognised division in the Reiki ranks she declared, ‘I have no interest in unifying because that concedes that those purporting to be Reiki Masters are adequately trained to teach and I don’t believe that’s the case.’ (McGregor, 1994)

Takata’s granddaughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, was apparently chosen, with Barbara Ray, to succeed her, but the two women had a falling out and  Furumoto formed the Reiki Alliance in 1983/84.  Quite a number of Reiki masters initiated by Takata joined the Alliance and recognised Furumoto as today’s Grand Master.  In 1988 Furumoto officially gave all Reiki Masters the right to initiate other masters (previously a role limited to the Grand Master).

Since then all sorts of Reiki groups have been established, including: Traditional Reiki Network; Universal Masters Association; The Center for Reiki Training; Reiki Touch Inc; Reiki Plus Institute, Australian Reiki Practitioners Association, and people practicing all sorts of Reiki, including Sai Baba Reiki, New Life Reiki, and more.

When asked about Reiki problems Des Geddes, an Australian Reiki master, declared: ‘I don’t think there’s any division in Reiki, at all.  What may appear to be differences are just different ways of expressing Reiki.’ (Geddes, 1994)  However, this was contradicted by others quoted in the same article, including Barbara McGregor - already quoted stating she was not interested in any unifying - and  by Gillian Rose, who admitted, ‘There’s been a lot of bickering and antagonism and running down of  other Masters over the past five or six years.’ (Rose, 1994)

Reiki rivalry became even more obvious in a joint-letter published in several publications by Kathleen Ann Milner and William Lee Rand. ‘Joint Statement on Settlement. The lawsuit between William Lee Rand and Kathleen Ann Milner has been resolved.  The lawsuit involved a controversy on Mr Rand’s Reiki instruction involving what had been referred to as the Sai Baba Symbols, and Ms. Milner’s account of Mr Rand’s instruction through her letters and articles.  Mr. Rand and Ms. Milner agree that Reiki can be taught in many forms.  Mr. Rand and Ms. Milner wish to make clear to their students and the Reiki Community that the courses they teach are distinct, involving different teachings, methods, initiations and attunements.  Although both their courses involve the use of similar symbols, their meanings and powers in each course may vary.  Neither Mr. Rand nor Ms. Milner endorse the other’s course or teachings, nor question the validity of the other’s interpretive views on Reiki…Both William Lee Rand and Kathleen Ann Milner will continue as Reiki Masters in good standing and continue to teach and practice Reiki in keeping with their respective interpretive views on Reiki.’    (Milner & Rand, 1995)

We are told Reiki is universal, ‘A Gift of Love’, but Reiki is a bitterly divided New Age counterfeit catching many well intentioned people, and many more who are simply searching for meaning and acceptance.



There are constant refrains that Reiki is not a religion, and that it is compatible with all faiths.  However, the vast majority of Reiki teachers and masters quote Bible verses (out of context, and with esoteric interpretations) and make references to Christ, somewhere in their writings or teaching sessions.  The myth of the founder,  Mikao Usui, being a Christian seminary professor, is often vigorously promoted.

Some, like Beth Gray, use such terms as ‘reverend’ and ‘Trinity’ - which are familiar to Christians and suggest Christian compatibility.  Interestingly, when Beth Gray was pushed to explain who ordained her as a ‘reverend’ and what ‘trinity’ her Trinity Center represented - on the ABC Verity James radio talk-back programme in mid-1989 - she acknowledged she gained her title ‘reverend’ from her own self-started organisation, and that she and her centre were not part of orthodox Christianity.  She admitted that she had no connections to any Christian church in Australia and her Australian tour was unrelated to any Christian organisation.  She also acknowledged that her Trinity Center was actually the ‘Trinity Metaphysical Center’ -  and she went on to explain that her use of trinity was not the Christian one: ‘ Now trinity can be interpreted by people all over the world in different ways.  I find that there is the trinity in every single belief system.  So whether you interpret it as body, mind, and spirit  or as Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the Kahunas even have, in Hawaii, have the trinity in their belief system - the high self, the lower self, and the physical self.  So, you see, no matter what you are, where you are, you have a trinity, and you have that trinity within you at all times.’  (Gray, 1989)

While  Reiki  denies  the label ‘religion’,  it certainly  can  be  seen  to  be religious  in  nature, something actually acknowledged by some Reiki teachers. Rather than the term religion, Reiki exponents prefer to suggest that the technique is a spiritual way of healing.

Reiki claims to offer an ‘holistic’ package, that is, to benefit all aspects of life.  Not only does it offer physical healing, but it also claims to ‘enhance and promote expanded consciousness, spiritual awareness and strength’. (H/B p.4) A set of ‘Reiki principles’, or positive affirmations, is used as an aid to this. Reiki seeks to enable the person to move from the physical level through levels of ‘higher consciousness’, ‘transcendental awareness’ and ‘spiritual awareness’ to the ‘cosmic plane’, the level of ‘Universal Consciousness-Light’. (H/B p.15)

The actual nature and philosophy of what is presented as Reiki often depends on the practitioners and Reiki masters who have trained them.  It is interesting to note what some of the Reiki Masters are involved in according to their own claims.

Beth Gray (who has probably influenced and, through her initiation lineage, produced more Reiki practitioners in Australia than anyone else) has claimed that she was ‘a psychic healer for over thirty years.’ (Gray, 1987)

Barbara Ray states that, in the 1970s she ‘did some study in humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapies and also took astrology courses at Emory University.  I studied and taught courses in meditation, parapsychology, and a wide variety of healing arts and sciences including the Tibetan art of the mandala.  I had become particularly involved in the wholistic dimensions in healing, health, and consciousness and in the dawning of this New Age of humanity - the Age of Aquarius….In 1978,  I took the basic course in Reiki.’ (Ray, p.128)

German Reiki master, Walter Lubeck, comments, ‘I have acquired my ideas about the Reiki path through my experiences with the three degrees, various forms of meditation, inner martial arts like Tai Chi Ch’uan and Aikido, and certain spiritual experiences which have much influenced me.’ (Lubeck, p.20)

American psychologist, human potential seminar leader, ‘inspirational’ teacher, Paula Horan, has acknowledged, amongst many other things, her involvement with ‘a Mexican Spiritualist psychic surgeon, and conducted a survey tour of Spiritist healers in Brazil.’ (Horan, p.154)

Western Australians, Carole and Brian Daxter  have acknowledged that they are ‘Spiritual Counsellors’ involved in numerous activities, apart from Reiki, including ‘Channelling’ and various forms of ‘Meditation’.  They have also stated that Carole is a ‘Metaphysician with Clairvoyant, Channelling skills.  A Personal/Spiritual Development Practitioner. Also, a Meditation Teacher.’  (Daxter,  pp.122-123)

American Reiki master, William Rand ‘has a broad background in metaphysics including twenty years experience as a hypnotherapist.  He has specialized in past life regression therapy and spiritual development.  He is also a Rosicrucian, a fire walker, a rebirther, a professional astrologer, a tarot card reader, is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the Robbins Research Institute and is the founder of The Center for Reiki Training in Southfield Michigan.  While living in Hawaii, he worked with a Kahuna.’  (Rand, p.iv)

Reiki ‘Master Teacher’, Mackenzie Clay, from New South Wales proclaims himself to be ‘a Therapeutic Herbalist and a numerologist with a special flair in the identification and understanding of potential health problems….his career path led him to medicinal herbs….great faith in a vast range of herbal teas…Having investigated crystals and magnetism his path led him forward to Reiki.’ (Clay, p.88)  Clay also admits to adding to the many ‘secret’ Reiki symbols, including ones such as ‘Sei-Hi-Ki.  This glyph was channelled through from the Universe during a teaching session with a new Reiki Master as recently as February 1993.’ (p.45)

One of the most influential Reiki masters and teachers in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, is Barbara McGregor, the Founder Publisher of Australian WellBeing.  Barbara trained with Beth Gray for seven years.  ‘Her teaching style is interactive, paced with audience participation, guided meditation, passive and active demonstrations and insights into metaphysical causation.’ (McGregor, 1995)

All of these people have both practiced Reiki and trained others to practice it.  Each has brought the influence of their other beliefs and practices into Reiki.  As Lubeck comments:  ‘Much has happened since they year 1990…Since then, there have been a series of new developments, and many different views on Reiki and the Reiki tradition have arisen. This is hardly a surprise since there are more than 10,000 Reiki teachers throughout the world living at least that many different facets of the Reiki path.’ (Lubeck, p.15)

Rand makes constant references to being guided by ‘Reiki spirit guides’ - e.g. ‘There must be congruence, an alignment within you in order for the Higher Power in the form of Reiki to flow through you in a powerful way and in order for the angels, Reiki spirit guides and other spiritual beings to work with you…The more you can open to the true nature of Reiki…the more the Reiki spirit guides can help you.’  (p.97)

He, and others, use Reiki along with, or in conjunction with, such things as: rebirthing, past live regression, hypnotherapy,  crystals, astrology, chakra balancing,  aura reading and cleansing,  clairvoyance, channelling, aromatherapy, colour and sound therapy, centering, numerology, accupressure, Shiatsu and Swedish massage, Rolfing, naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, homoeopathy, using pendulums - and much more.

All of this means that any statements on Reiki philosophy can only be generalisations - drawing common threads from statements by the numerous Reiki teachers and masters who have committed themselves to writing.

Most Reiki teachers utilise classic New Age philosophies such as:

1.  God is perceived as an impersonal force of divine intelligence. 

2.  Each person is said to contain in his/her spirit the divine spark, life-force energy.  (Ray,  p.33) The body is a sort of temporary home for this divine spark, which leaves it at death. 

3.  Salvation is said to be by enlightenment, to one’s own inherent divinity. Reincarnation is accepted, so that death becomes simply a transition to a different plane of existence.  The statement of God to Moses at the burning bush, ‘I Am That I Am’ is claimed to simply show ‘the continuous life-force of being’ regardless of what outer form the being might temporarily possess. (Ray, p.33)

4.  Good, evil and sin - and therefore atonement and forgiveness from God - have no place in Reiki thinking. 

Eastern philosophies are making great inroads into the West, and this is particularly so in the New Age movement. The ‘doctrines’ of the New Age movement are essentially Hindu in nature, with a blend of occult and psychic beliefs thrown in.  In reviving age old practices, which Reiki claims to have done, it is well in keeping with the philosophies of the movement, in which it stands unashamedly.  These philosophies have no relationship to the world-view of Christianity, and despise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

These philosophies, and those who believe them and practice Reiki and the like, ignore Biblical warnings about false gods, false teachings and teachers.  Those involved want to believe that they are involved with the True Light - but it is not the Light of the World Who takes away the Sin of the World.  These well-intentioned people need to be alert to Paul’s warning about Satan, the Adversary, who comes disguised as an Angel [Messenger] of Light - and his disguised apostles (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).  If you are left holding a counterfeit, it may look real, seem genuine, feel good - but you end up losing – and the loss can be very significant.




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(Published by CCG Ministries (LOOKOUT) - Van Leen, A.)